Butyl Tape 2mm x 20mm x 40M

Butyl Tape 2mm x 20mm x 40M

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Butyl tape is a self bonding pliable tacky and flexible double sided adhesive sealing tape, that adheres to a multitude of surfaces.


Butyl tape is made primarily of macromolecular Polynomial polymers. The design guarantees that it is air impermeable, waterproof and insulating. Butyl tapes offer an instant water-tight bond for optimum sealing. It also offers conformability to irregular surfaces and secures protection when used as a sealant against moisture and dust.


Main features

·   Ability to withstand high-voltage.

·   Insulation properties.

·   Anti-corrosion properties under all-weather and salt-water conditions.

·   Butyl operates well between    -40 o c and 160o c.

·   The Butyl does not harden and in many applications is re-usable.


Butyl Seal is extensively used in the Automotive, roofing, industrial, construction and air-conditioning industries. Butyl tape not only has long lasting waterproofing properties, but has excellent anti-vibration properties as well.

Butyl sealant is non-hazardous and may be used on most pipes and flanges.

Other applications include waterproofong, bedding deck hardware, rolling into a putty to fill irregular voids, adhering reflectors to bitumen/road surfaces and many more.

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