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Foam Sealant

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At Foam Sealant we see quality as a fundamental element of our products, people and operations. In particular we will give our full attention to providing a quality product to the highest possible manufacturing standards on time, first time.

Across our operations we are committed to:

  • Development and implementation of sound quality practices through certification under ISO 9001:2015
  • A full commitment to comply with :
  •           Applicable government regulations.
  •           Applicable safety restrictions including material processing/handling and operations.
  •           Applicable requirements in relation to product realization.
  • Establish objectives and targets for quality performance and tracking progress toward these goals by appropriate monitoring
  • Seeking input from staff, community and customers on quality matters
  • Continual improvement and prevention of non-conformance’s
  • Integrating quality principals and innovation into product development
  • Maintaining an effective integrated management system that is reviewed for continuing suitability through regular management review

To download a copy of our current certificate,   PDF image ISO9001:2015

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