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Norseal® V790

Soft black semi-closed cell polyurethane.

COHRlastic® Silicone Tapes

Various densities. Solid and sponge silicones available upon request. SS200A and SS512AF are stock items and are generally available.

Korel® K40

Medium hardness black urethane with or without adhesive.

Korel® K30

Soft black urethane with or without adhesive.

Normount® V2000

Black high density closed cell polyurethane, high performance acrylic adhesive both sides.

Norseal® V990

Black closed cell PVC, PSA both sides.

Norseal® V760

Firm grey closed cell PVC.

Foam Sealant FS470

Firm closed cell blend of PVC, nitrile and neoprene.

Foam Sealant FS480

Medium hardness closed cell blend of vinyl nitrile and neoprene.

Norseal® V860

NORSEAL® firm foams are ideal for higher compression gaskets, vibration dampening and applications requiring good abrasion resistance.

Norseal® V710

Medium swirl-free grey closed cell PVC.