Backing Rod

Available in white only.


Multi Purpose buffer spots which prevent damage. 12mm diameter, 3mm thick and white in colour allow easy transition into modern bright decor.

Eaves Fillers Strips

Die cut polyethylene to suit a vast array of profiles including Custom Orb (also known as Roma or corrugated), Trimdek tops and bottoms, Greca and Spandek to name a few.

Norglaze® Glazing Pads

Norglaze® Glazing Pads are manufactured from a high density PVC foam with a highly crosslinked low tack peelable adhesive ensuring no residue on removal.

Foam Sealant Thermoshield

Thermoshield is made up of polyethylene sheeting laminated with aluminium foil reinforced with 12um LDPE film. The end user also has the choice of adhesive backing on other side.