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EternaBond-WebSeal ®

July 5, 2013

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EternaBond-WebSeal ®


EternaBond-WebSeal ® WebSeal ® has a woven backing coated with our advanced MicroSealant ensuring that it is always easy to work with and extremely flexible.

WebSeal ® forms around almost anything from a seam or tear to a screw head. Once on, it stays flexible. If properly applied, it never loses its adhesion.

When used in a place exposed to sunlight, WebSeal ® is easily protected from UV rays by using our UV Protector or quality roof coating. The UV Protector brushes on easily and is included in our SR-50 and SR-200 RV Seam Repair kits. It can be tinted to match almost any color. In fact, several roof coating manufacturers now include WebSeal ® in their warranted roof restoration systems. Economical and easy to use. Great on EPDM, TPO, most PVC, hypolon, all metals, modified, concrete, masonry, wood, etc.


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