EternaBond® DoubleStick

Colour - Grey
Width - 50mm / 75mm / 100mm
Length - 1.2M / 15.2M (1.2M rolls only available in 50mm wide rolls)

EternaBond® RoofSeal PLUS

Colour - Black / White
Width - 50mm / 100mm
Lengths - 1.2M / 15.2M

EternaBond® Steel Roller

Weight - 900 grams
63.5mm wide curved-end ball bearing steel roller.

EternaBond® WindowSeal

Colour - Grey
Width - 50mm
Length - 15.2M long

EternaClean® Spray Cleaner

14 oz. spray can. VOC compliant.

EternaPrime® Spray

14 oz spray can.

Foam Sealant FS420

Medium grey PE with film.

Foam Sealant FS460

Medium grey PE.

Foam Sealant FS470

Firm closed cell blend of PVC, nitrile and neoprene.

Foam Sealant FS480

Medium hardness closed cell blend of vinyl nitrile and neoprene.