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Foam Sealant

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Surface Preparation

It is extremely important that surfaces are clean of moisture, grease and dust.  If in doubt, clean with a mixture of 50/50 isopropyl and water using a clean cloth.

For critical mounting applications – to improve adhesion wipe with Norton Tite-R-Bond after cleaning and ensure surfaces are dry before applying tape.

Application Guide

When applying foam tape and mounting products please ensure material is not stretched as it will try to return to its original length causing possible failures.

Apply evenly with light pressure to liner to ensure full adhesion.

Do not remove protective liner from mounting tape until ready to adhere to second substrate.

Remove liner gently to ensure adhesion bond is not broken.

With single and double-sided foam tapes, always overlap joints (do not butt join in glazing applications).

It is important to remember that these are pressure-sensitive products.

You must ensure surfaces are clean and dry prior to application of tapes.

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