Butyl Rod - sold in carton lots only.

Butyl Rod - sold in carton lots only.

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Available in carton lots only

12.7mm  Diameter - 8 rolls per carton

19mm Diameter - 8 rolls per carton

25mm Diameter - 6 rolls per carton

ST-30 Butyl Rod:

Butyl Rod is a self bonding, pliable tacky and flexible adhesive sealing tape, that can be used to seal between precast concrete panels, concrete pipe segments, and other difficult substrates.

Butyl rod is made primarily of macromolecular Polynomial polymers. The design guarantees that it is air impermeable, waterproof and insulating. Butyl Rods offer an instant water-tight bond for optimum sealing. It also offers conformability to irregular surfaces and secures protection when used as a sealant against moisture and dust.

Main features

·   Ability to withstand high-voltage.

·   Insulation properties.

·   Anti-corrosion properties under all-weather and salt-water conditions.

·   Butyl operates well between    -40 o c and 160o c.

·   The Butyl does not harden or crack over time.


Butyl Rod is extensively used in the  industrial, construction and air-conditioning industries. Butyl Rod not only has long lasting waterproofing properties, but has excellent anti-vibration properties as well.

Butyl sealant is non-hazardous and may be used on most pipes and flanges.

Other applications include waterproofong, bedding deck hardware, rolling into a putty to fill irregular voids, adhering reflectors to bitumen/road surfaces and many more.

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