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Achieve Excellent Gasketing with KOREL Micro-cellular Polyurethane Foams

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For years, manufacturers have utilised gaskets in assembling different types of tools and machines thanks to their sealing capabilities. With the right material for gaskets, they can effectively fill the spaces between two or more mating surfaces and prevent elements from going in and out of their spaces.

Many materials can be utilised in making gaskets. These materials are rubber, fibreglass, plastic polymers, and felt. What is common about these materials is they are all flexible, allowing them to conform to the shape of the objects. Their flexibility also allows them to withstand sealing pressure, which is prominent with heavy industry applications.

But one specific material that manufacturers can now utilise for their gasketing application is the KOREL micro-cellular polyurethane foam. It features tons of qualities and benefits that make the material advantageous for a wide array of applications.

KOREL K30 Series

KOREL K30 Series are micro-cellular urethane foams that may come in 0.3 mm thickness. The thin profile of these foams allows them to maintain reliable compression set resistance despite being exposed to elevated temperatures. Their conformable primary composition also provides manufacturers better sealability when utilised on parts with varying dimensions. They can even absorb thermal expansion and contraction movement optimally.

Apart from their main properties, KOREL K30 Series can also offer reduced force to compress, making them easier to assemble parts. They can also provide less stress on components, maintain excellent sealing to parts, and resist moisture and most chemicals.

All these features and benefits make these materials useful for generating LCD gaskets, lens and cover seals, casing and housing seals, and speaker and sound management gaskets.

KOREL K40 Series

KOREL K40 Series are medium deflection urethane foams that boast a minimal compression set and low out-gassing, exceeding fogging requirements. What makes these foams great is they have excellent compression resistance and high resiliency, which allows them to be very useful for gasketing purposes. They likewise do not break down easily over extended use. KOREL K40 Series are likewise known for their efficient control over unwanted energy, allowing them to protect sensitive components.

Other notable properties of the KOREL K40 Series include resistance to moisture and chemicals, flexibility, and conformability in extreme environmental conditions. They can also dampen shock, dissipate motion, and isolate vibration.

KOREL K40 Series’ excellent features and benefits make them useful for cushioning products, bumpers, spaces, and vibration damping. They can also be utilised for electronic gasketing, electrical enclosures, acoustical control, and instrument panels.

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