Most Common Uses of Sponge Silicone Tapes

December 8, 2017

Sponge silicone tapes are highly adaptable. The strips of cushioned film are available in different thicknesses. They’re also designed to be easy to cut and slit into a number of shapes and widths, so that adaptability factor represents a major benefit. Further profiled by die cut equipment, the pressure sensitive tape is employed in many […]

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Applications and Common Uses for Norcryl® A3300

December 4, 2017

Norcryl® A3300 is a bonding tape that exhibits superior coupling strength. Just to put that statement into perspective, this degree of outstanding material strength targets the kind of applications that typically require mechanical fasteners. Imagine this slightly flexible material replacing rivets and other conventional fasteners. For starters, a talent for absorbing joint movement suggests some […]

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What are Backing Rods?

November 17, 2017

Contemporary foam sealants are loaded with feature-rich attributes. They seal quickly, with a cell type that prevents fluid ingress. Temperature control and vibration management strategies are readily formed when the foam material is intelligently sourced and expertly installed. Think about it, these adhesives and binding materials bond efficiently, so what else is there to think […]

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Applications and Uses of Glazing Pads

November 3, 2017

As the label suggests, glazing pads are intended to protect glass panels. They’re made from a soft closed-cell material, a PVC foam that cushions flat glass. Used to protect scratch-prone plastic, soft metal, and breakable glass, the cushioning pads also perform well as product separation inserts, thanks to a superior compressibility feature. What about tacky […]

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Eternabond EternaCaulk: Your Ideal Roof Companion

October 23, 2017

Taking care of one’s home is an ongoing job, but of all the parts of a home the most important to maintain in top condition is the roof, for obvious reasons. The roof of any building needs to be waterproof, as it protects everything of value underneath it. Water damage is the most common damage […]

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EternaBond® WindowSeal: Effective Window Sealing without the Gaps

October 13, 2017

As temperatures drop, cold outside air can easily penetrate into homes and commercial buildings through gaps in windows. Besides preventing cold air from entering buildings so that the temperature inside doesn’t become physically uncomfortable for people, sealing window gaps is definitely an important way to save money too. For example, a typical home can lose […]

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Proper Disposal of Glues and Adhesives

September 27, 2017

Just as a general rule, glues and adhesives contain toxic solvents. The chemical compounds are poisonous, capable of causing skin and eye irritation, and some particularly harmful adhesive formulations even cause respiratory difficulties. Granted, many glue manufacturers are busily substituting solvents with water-based bonding agents. However, it’s that general rule of thumb that worries us […]

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NORSEAL® Firm Foam Tape: Qualities that Make it Ideal for Automobile Use

September 11, 2017

It’s with some confidence that we draw your attention to NORSEAL® Firm Foam Tape. Proven as a superior gasketing material, the polyurethane foam features some truly singular features, which is why the product has become a universally approved strip sealant. Used as a perennial vibration-dampening solution, the micro-cellular tape favours automobile applications due to the […]

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Uses and Applications of Pre-Compressed Sealants

August 29, 2017

Pre-compressed sealants possess some interesting physical properties. First of all, the sealant has been compacted. Due to that factory-inserted material property, the product is charged with energy. On application, the pre-compressed polymer uses that charge to fill nearby gaps. Talking of applications, in a different context, of course, what uses and applications benefit from this […]

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Polyurethane Adhesives: What’s in the Formula and What Makes it Strong?

August 11, 2017

A capable adhesive is composed of countless chain links. Suspended inside the liquid bulk, those bonding linkages are usually formulated from urethane polymers. Having said that, this formula isn’t fixed, it varies according to the product’s desired bonding specifications. Consequently, those urethane units are sometimes replaced by other forms of carbamate. Presumably, then, there’s an […]

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