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Foam Sealant Pty Ltd is also equipped with state-of-the-art machinery capable of ensuring that you only receive the utmost quality of products and services. Among those are the following:

die cutting

Die Cutting

Foam Sealant can process various shapes and materials in large quantities. After using specialised machinery using a custom-made die that consists of sharp blades, we will form your desired shape and mount it onto a plate. The material to be cut is placed on a supportive substrate. The die is then pressed onto the material and the desired shape is cut out. Learn more.



With our slitting capabilities, we will work with you to come up with custom-sized rolls. Let us know your desired roll size so we can specify it to the application. Through slitting machinery, we can manufacture specialty adhesive tapes and customise them to your needs and preferences. Learn more.

water jet

Water Jet

Foam Sealant can provide you with parts that had no heat distortion or mechanical tears through our water jet capabilities. We can cut virtually any type of material in a tight manner so you can have significant savings in both time and money. Learn more.



We are fully equipped to assist you with your laminating needs. Through this process, we can join two or more materials together in layers using laminate foils with high-temperature adhesive and polyester fabrics. Learn more.