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An Overview of Green Glue Whisper Clips and Its Advantages for Your Home

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Green Glue whisper clips are considered lifesavers by some sleep-deprived apartment owners. That’s because those thin-walled residences aren’t very good noise isolators. Think of a neighbours argument passing freely through a paper-thin wall, then their stereo starts up after the quarrel is over. You start to feel like you’re living in a claustrophobic pigeonhole. Not to worry, Green Glue whisper clips are designed to create a welcome buffer zone.

Green Glue Whisper Clips

On installing Green Glue whisper clips, they anchor to the wall studs underneath a plasterboard wall. That’s drywall for any of the Americans reading this post. Anyway, installed behind the plasterboard walls, the noise decouplers detach interior room walls from a building’s noise propagating frame. Back at that still imaginary apartment complex, the clips are dramatically reducing the noise that was coming from that overly loud duo. No more arguments can be heard, so pull out a book and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The Advantages of Green Glue Whisper Clips for Your Home

That was just a common, everyday usage area. Apartment complexes sometimes use inexpensive building materials, and, since there’s nowhere to hide from a neighbours oversharing moods, wall stud mounted Green Glue whisper clips are the next best option. They decouple structural elements, thus creating a much-needed buffer zone between confined living spaces. Imagine that same principle let loose in a recording studio.

Again, plasterboard and vertical framing members form the structure, and it’s backed up against another room. It’s a partitioned area. There’s an office next door, and the studio is two doors away from the copy room. The way things stand, the sound of the clicking photocopier is going to be heard in the soundstage. Just by installing a set of Whisper Clips, the sound is muted and the recording session goes ahead.

The Mechanical Advantages of Green Glue Whisper Clips

Perhaps someone doesn’t like the odour that’s wafting off of a viscoelastic noise cancelling compound. The chemicals cure in days, then they’re completely odourless. Still, if the client feels that way, a mechanical decoupling solution will save the day. It’s an especially powerful multi-family noise silencing system, as used in crowded high-rise flats.

In recording studios and home theatres, mechanically decoupled walls yet again mute the rumbling vibrations. In point of fact, it’s those bass vibrations that receive the most noise cancelling attention, for the normally unstoppable low-frequency vibes tend to steamroll their way through thin plasterboard surfaces.

Better yet, when building a whole-system vibration mitigation solution, consider using Green Glue as a surface buffer. Then, with the viscoelastic compound cured, the Whisper Clips are pushed into service on the vertical frame sections, right behind the wall. Used together in this way, 99% of all neighbourhood or structurally partitioned noise can be muted.