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Applications and Common Uses for Norcryl® A3300

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Norcryl® A3300 is a bonding tape that exhibits superior coupling strength. Just to put that statement into perspective, this degree of outstanding material strength targets the kind of applications that typically require mechanical fasteners. Imagine this slightly flexible material replacing rivets and other conventional fasteners. For starters, a talent for absorbing joint movement suggests some clear-cut applications, including the construction industry.

Norcryl® A3300: A Structural Bonding Solution 

Despite the obvious advantages we associate with those conventional fasteners, there’s one obvious drawback that must be considered. Whether we’re describing the threaded rods on a bolt or the featureless shaft on a rivet, these are localised mechanical fasteners. No matter how strong those mechanisms are, stress will collect in and around their shafted forms. The solid acrylic core running through this bonding tape delivers similar structural strength when compared to a standard fastener, but it does a far better job of distributing the heavy loads we’re referring to in these structural applications.

Deconstructing the Adhesive Product 

A powerful adhesive system reinforces the A3300 series. It bonds efficiently to low-surface-energy substrates, so modern paints and glass panes won’t weaken the adhesion process. Furthermore, the all-acrylic material is designed to reliably join many different substrates, which is an obviously important feature if this product is to succeed on a building site. Finally, Norcryl is formulated so that it exhibits a superior weather-resistance attribute. Paired with a knack for beating off chemical corrosion, this product is as proficient in an outdoors chemical processing plant as it is in a standard housing application.

Uncovering Some Common Usage Examples 

Expect to see Norcryl® A3300 in building applications as a vibration dampening sealant. Wider than a rivet or a bolt shaft, the tape absorbs joint movement. In vehicles, the thin strip reinforces truck side panels. It’s also a versatile acrylic, so there are transparent variants available. Freed from the confines of the truck panels, the transparent Norcryl® A3300 acts as a second layer on a glass panel. Picture that lamination protecting the security glass in a bank, for example. Even if the glass panel fractures, the tape will hold. Other common uses include vibration-distributing joint reinforcement, signage support, and special structural applications.

Everything about this product suggests a number of ‘special’ applications. Thermal expansion and vibration-dampening situations call upon the adhesion system inside static structures and large vehicles. Beyond those conventional applications, the versatile material adapts to anchor glass, glossy paint, and plastic. Just peel back the easy release polyethylene liner and start applying the strong strip. The tacky, foam-cored adhesive system will take care of the bond.