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Applications and Uses of Mounting Tapes

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Tape characteristics are guided by application needs and usage domains, the function of the product and where it’s being brought into service. And, in turn, it’s these needs that dictate the properties of the tape, its tackiness, thickness and width, the strength and composition of the backing layer, and a page full of other engineered properties. In the case of mounting tape, we’re a half step ahead of the game, because we know by the label that some form of “mounting” or loading must be imparted to both the tacky chemical and the backing tape.

Indoor Applications

Mounting tapes are endorsed by countless applications. The product is formulated from sticky chemicals that convey strength. The carrying medium reflects this toughened profile. A roll of the tape will typically show off the enhanced tackiness of the material and illustrate the need for a solid base by including a thicker than normal backing. Width is also subject to marginal increases in dimensional span, size changes that reinforce the tacky formulation. In addition, expect added extras in the form of double-sided variants, foam inserts, and handy laminated structures that bolster the load-carrying aptitude of the product. For example, double-sided mounting tapes are versatile home improvement aids. They support kitchen splash tiles and hold bathroom mirrors in place.

Armed with Impressive Specifications for Outdoor Usage

As Waterproof as the above utilitarian examples are, outdoor tape requires a little more oomph. It has to be UV resistant, which is a perfect trait when the sun beats down. It’s designed to hold all kinds of materials in place, even when weathering extremes are determined to wear the adhesive and its backing tape. Although not meant as a replacement for nails and rivets, the benefits of mounting tapes are hard to argue. The tape holds heavy items on glass and metal, surfaces that don’t always react amicably when a screw or nail comes into play. Glass will crack, obviously, which simply won’t happen when strong tape takes over. Indeed, all kinds of garden landscaping, barbecue fitting, and outdoor construction work will benefit from the robust bonding properties found in this type of adhesive tape.

The descriptors used in this product tend towards such terms as shearing force and carrier medium. Tensile strength plays a major role, as does the elongating characteristics of the liner. Other applications include security glass laminations, automotive mounting underpinnings, and outdoor signage fixatives. Expect to see the tape in an assortment of forms, from long rolls to squares and sheets that support those delicate kitchen tiles we mentioned earlier.