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Benefits of Using Eternabond for Non-Pressurized Leaks

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Eternabond is a specially formulated sealant that’s designed to produce a long-lasting bond, but let’s not undersell the product, for its sealing power is characterized by some extraordinary features. Let’s begin with the microsealant’s aptitude for stoppering non-pressurized leaks. It’s a headlining feature, one where the compound exhibits enough strength to stop seeping water in its tracks.

Plugs Virtually All Leaks

The exemplary stickiness parameters of a high-end adhesive tend to wither when water enters the mix, for the glutinous compounds aren’t designed to maintain their form under the aqueous assault. Eternabond is built for exactly this purpose. The tape-mounted microsealant adheres tightly and permanently to a wet surface. A long strip of the durable material simply anchors itself in place, which means hemorrhaging water leaks are stopped quickly.

What Makes Eternabond Work?

Well, for starters, it clings to practically any surface, no matter how wet the surface. Next, there are no solvents in the compound, no chemicals that will lose mechanical integrity when they become wet. In fact, the tape is entirely waterproof due to its synthetic polymer backbone. That same proprietary compound is built to remain molecularly stable when facing heat extremes and strong sunlight, so the tape won’t fail when it’s installed on a roof.

Applications for Waterproof Tape

Applications are found wherever leaks are causing trouble, but do remember that this product is designed for non-pressurized leaks. Roof leaks are a major part of the compound’s application base, as are failing pipe joints. The amorphous sealant flows into fine cracks and conforms to irregular surfaces, so every avenue of entry used by the determined leak is promptly blocked.

Summarizing the Benefits

We know the product is waterproof, but that primary feature isn’t enough to handle an outside leak. That’s why it’s also built to defeat the sun’s weathering effects and the kind of temperature extremes that would cause most sealants to age and crack. Finally, the synthetic polymer is solventless, designed to adhere to any surface, and it will reliably act as a strong water barrier when installed in water-soaked scenarios. These include aged pipes, water-saturated air conditioning systems, and RVs that have sprung a leak.

This study has covered tape-based Eternabond, but this waterproof sealing agent refuses to be confined by material limitations. Due to this versatility factor, leak-prone applications can also expect solutions in the form of a double sided tape variant or a tapeless version, a compound held suspended within a caulking tube.