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Common Uses and Applications of Eternabond WebSeal

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

As the label implies, Eternabond Webseal utilizes a mesh-like composition. More accurately, the woven backing is enveloped in a microfine bonding agent. It’s this specially formulated microsealant, plus the underlying web-like backing that gives the material its bonding edge. Imagine an awkwardly placed seam or a protruding screw. How would a standard piece of stronger-than-average tape react in such a challenging application scenario?

Strong but Incredibly Flexible

There are some rules of engineering law that are almost impossible to break. For that standard piece of non-branded sealing tape, it can’t create a strong mechanical seal unless it’s physically thick and mechanically strong. Well, Eternabond Webseal somehow breaks or sidesteps that particular rule. While the thick non-branded stuff would create a secure seal, it wouldn’t conform to the shape of a screw, nor would it stick in that awkwardly shaped seam. By designing that mesh-like backing and imbuing it with a proprietary microsealant, strength is maintained while the material stays thin and surface-conformable.

Eternabond Webseal: The Applications

When a dusty air duct uses awkwardly shaped seams, and those seams are leaking, this deformable tape is the answer. It stops air bubbles and air-transporting pathways from forming. It conforms to the outlines of the seams, fuses at the molecular level, and stops high-velocity air leakages in their tracks. Even if the ducting uses protruding screws or rivets, the small contours are easily conquered. The Webseal backing simply contours its way around such material bulges. It’s the same with wet roofing surfaces and guttering, with the seal forming instantly and rising to face any watery challenge. And, since the Webseal backing forms as a mesh, it’s entirely capable of expanding and compressing, just like a warming surface joint.

A Width-Controlled Sealing Product

Specially formulated bonding agents and innovatively fabricated material backings are one thing, but what about a sealing solution that’s designed to cover a large duct seal or guttering joint? Available in long rolls, in widths that unwrap to cover surfaces that are broader than 100-centimetres, the wide strips have enough material power to overcome any leaky surface. The tape, once fitted, is also UV resistant, so it won’t harden or crack if it’s exposed to the sun’s hot rays. All-in-all, Eternabond Webseal is regarded as an essential addition to any professional roofer’s toolkit.

Add recreational vehicle leak proofing to the applications list. Not stopping there, also add marine vessel maintenance, air conditioning leakage prevention, guttering applications, and all light construction-related industries. After all, Eternabond microsealants adhere securely to masonry, steel, concrete, wood, plastics, etc., and they won’t crack or peel, no matter the watery impact or air-fueled pressure.