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Different Applications of Foam Sealant Adhesive Tapes

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

At a fundamental level, adhesive tapes can perform numerous functions. They can hold and join two items together, stick to themselves or another surface, or function as a sealing agent that protects the surface area from external damages.

One type of adhesive tapes is foam sealant adhesive tapes. They are often used for sealing, weather-stripping, and mounting applications. Aside from these applications, these foam sealant adhesive tapes can also work with other applications based on the following classification.

Acrylic Mounting Tapes

Acrylic mounting tapes are engineered to absorb the stresses of normal joint movement and provide an excellent initial tack. They offer outstanding internal strength and weather resistance, making them effective in glass lamination, sight mounting, architectural and industrial signage, display cabinets, truck body assembles, bodyside moulding, and exterior building cladding.

Butyl Tapes

This type of tape is designed to be permanently flexible, tacky, and resistant to moisture. It can also resist deterioration and damage from dilute chemical solution exposure. Butyl tapes can provide an excellent seal for flexible rope gasket for sealing precast concrete and self-sealing joints in manholes, septic tanks, box culverts, concrete pipe, concrete vaults, utility vaults, and vertical panel structures.

EPDM Closure Tapes

EPDM Closure Tapes are intended for general water seal and critical closure applications. They have an excellent operating temperature range that makes them suitable for normal to extreme gasket applications and vibration dampening. The automotive industry utilises this type of adhesive tape.

Nitrile Closure Tapes

Some variety of nitrile tapes are great for general water seal and closure applications, while others are intended for extreme conditions. In general, nitrile closure tapes are recommended for switchboard closures, automotive gaskets and seals, and insulation and weather stripping.

Polyethylene Tapes

Single-sided polyethylene tapes can be used for thermal applications since some variety of this tape has isolation sealing while others have great vibration damping. They are generally recommended for access lids and doors, display cabinets and panels, and vending machines and refrigeration.

Alternatively, double-sided polyethylene tapes have high tack, rubber-based adhesives on both sides that produce very high bond strength and a very high load-bearing capacity. This type of tape is designed for internal applications where the bond is not exposed to severe UV radiation. Some mounting applications of this tape include posters and displays, tags and badges, machine control panel labels, and many more.

Polyurethane Tapes

Single-sided polyurethane tapes are great for high movement and expansion applications. They have high resistance to moisture and most chemicals, making them suitable for automotive gaskets and seals, refrigeration, air conditioning, cushioning applications, cladding panels, skylights, general construction and civil engineering, modular construction, and others.

Double-sided polyurethane tapes, on the other hand, are great for vibration dampening applications. They can also distribute stress effectively and mitigates the effects of expansion and contraction evenly. Some variety of this tape can only be used in vertical only structural applications like curtain walls, structural silicone glazing, and die-cutting, while others can be used for external mounting in automotive.

PVC Tapes

Both single-sided and double-sided PVC tapes are great for sealing light, dust, air, and water for irregular and flimsy substrates. They provide excellent conformability to irregular surfaces and great acoustics. This type of PVC tapes is great for appliance sealing, wall panels, residential glazing, die-cut gaskets, precast concrete walls, heating and ventilation systems, truck trailer joint seals, water tanks, and many more.

Silicon Sponge Tapes

Silicon sponge tapes come in various thicknesses and can be produced according to the preferred width requirements. These tapes have a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on one side that is ideal for high temperature. These tapes can also be die-cut to produce high-temperature foam silicone gaskets and seals. Silicon sponge tapes are primarily used for belting, dielectric barriers, press pads, thermal shields, high temperatures and high-performance gaskets.

All of these foam sealant adhesive tapes possess specific characteristics that make them suitable for different applications. For more information about these tapes, you can give us a call at Foam Sealant Pty Ltd.