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EternaBond® Steel Roller Uses in Sealing Applications

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

A number of EternaBond® products require the right amount of pressure placed on them to ensure that they create a secure seal for their intended purposes. While there may be other help aid to accomplish this type of pressure on the market today, none performs the job as well as the EternaBond® steel roller does since is it made specifically to work with the above products. The following includes further information about this roller and examples of uses for it in sealing applications.

Description of the EternaBond® Steel Roller

This roller weighs 0.91 kg and has a curved-end ball bearing that measures 6.35 cm. The grip is comfortable to grasp and allows the user to easily apply the necessary pressure in various sealing applications, which we discuss in the list in the next section.

List of Uses for This Roller

  1. EternaBond® RoofSeal Projects

    RoofSeal is a permanent one-step system for repairing any types of roofs. It bonds with a wide assortment of surfaces, even difficult ones such as asphalt BURS, PVC, metal roofing, fibreglass and more. You just apply it on the affected area after you clean and dry it and place pressure on it with the EternaBond® steel roller to ensure proper bonding.

  2. EternaBond® Doublestick Applications

    Another use for the EternaBond® steel roller is with the EternaBond® Doublestick applications. One prime example is when this Doublestick micro-adhesive is used to seal seams on an EPDM roof. Apply a strip of this adhesive on the upper side of one piece of the roofing material right on the edge, removing the underneath release liner a bit at a time as you go and then, use the roller to apply pressure to activate the seal. Then, remove the top release sheet and place the other piece of roofing over the top of it just enough to cover the adhesive. Apply pressure with the roller once again to activate the adhesive.

  3. A coping repair using one of the EternaBond® adhesive products is an additional use for this steel roller. An example of this is to apply a layer of EternaPrime® and allow it to dry completely. Next, apply the EternaBond® tape of your choice. To finish, exert pressure on the tape with the EternaBond® steel roller to activate the bonding process.

As you can see, the EternaBond® steel roller can be used anywhere that this brand’s adhesive can be applied along with utilising it with other sealant products when necessary. Do not settle for a lesser quality roller when you can have the top of the line with this one. It will always bring you reliable results.