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EternaBond® WindowSeal for Newly Installed Windows

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

The installation of new windows requires the use of an efficient sealant to ensure a secure, weatherproof fit. While there are many products on the market for this purpose, most are not as high quality as the EternaBond® WindowSeal is for the task. It consists of a polyethylene film and is coated with the EternaBond® MicroSealant. As a result, it fuses to all types of construction materials ranging from wood to concrete to seal the gap between the exterior sheathing and the window securely. Along with this, it does not shrink or peel and is suitable for even cold temperatures since it gives rather than being rigid. We explore this product in further detail in the following.

Description of the EternaBond® WindowSeal

Apply WindowSeal to all windows during installation regardless of the materials surrounding them. It will create a secure vapour, air and moisture barrier to prevent issues, such as mould, mildew or low thermal performance. WindowSeal adheres to a variety of construction materials, including wood, vinyl, glass, aluminium, OSB, metals, fibreglass, Tyvek™, polystyrene, polypropylene, concrete, brick, masonry and more.

Some Technical Information

  • Widths of up to 1219.2 mm are available
  • Ideal application temperatures are 65.5556-degrees C to minus 28.8889-degrees C
  • Excellent resistance to fungus and bacteria
  • Superior flexibility at low temperatures
  • Peel adhesion is 3.82719 kg per 25.4 mm of width
  • Shelf life of up to five years

Primary Use for EternaBond® WindowSeal

This product is for use as a window frame sealant to close the gap between the window and the surrounding structural areas. It is highly conformable and does not require nails or staples to install.

The Materials That WindowSeal Contains

WindowSeal includes the latest in EternaBond’sMicroSealant technology that is 100-percent solids formulation of thermoplastics, non-curing and non-butyl rubber, thermoplastics and a built-in primer. A low-density polyethylene or LDPE backing is bonded to this formulation and a protective silicone release liner is added to protect the finished product. You must remove the liner to apply the WindowSeal.

Preparation for Installation and the Application Process

Prior to installation of the WindowSeal, you must clean and dry the surface. You need to remove any dirt, dust, moisture and other unwanted elements along with grease or oil if either is present. The application is simple once you perform this action. Just remove the release liner slowly to keep the adhesive from becoming contaminated. Install the WindowSeal by applying pressure with a steel roller or your hand to activate the bonding process. Temperatures of 4.44444-degrees C to minus 28.8889-degrees C require that you also apply EternaPrime for secure adhesion.