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How to Achieve Maximum Adhesion Using EternaPrime Surface Conditioner

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

An enduring bond forms between two surfaces after they’ve been cleaned and prepped. Now, a technician can use his own cleaning kit to optimize those surfaces. Great, the prep work optimizes the surfaces so that they provide bonding grip. But this is still a half-measure. To really maximize the prep work, the job requires a surface conditioner. For EternaBond microsealant products, the pretreatment agent of choice is EternaPrime.

What Does A Surface Conditioner Do?

It’s a priming agent, but the chemical doesn’t work in quite the same way as a paint primer. The aim is to provide a VOC free (Volatile Organic Chemical) solvent that’ll clean and neutralize the stickiest, grimiest surface films. For corroded metal and other forms of oxidized grit, the powerful solvent dissolves the stubborn physical linkages that anchor those bond-weakening deposits. Designed to perform as a highly effective material coalescing agent, viscous coatings and solid patches of dirt break down and lose purchase when surface conditioners are applied.

Prepping Adhesion Application Areas

To maximize the target surfaces, a tech has tried every trick in his armoury. He’s left with a strained elbow and a handful of unmovable blotches of grime. If a microsealant tape is applied, the bond between the application surface and the tape substrate will be undermined by that intervening coating of grime. That’s not an acceptable result. Now, upon splitting the job into two stages, the same technician begins his pretreatment strategy. EternaPrime is sprayed or liberally coated upon the two surfaces. The dirt can’t stand for long against the solvent power, so it breaks down, then it coalesces in a mass of easy-to-remove matter. Almost clean now, a final check is conducted to see if the pretreatment chemical has removed all oily deposits.

Exhibits A Degreasing Feature

This is the other culprit that’ll undermine a microsealant bond. Even if all the dirt, scale, grime, and tarry paste has been dissolved, oily deposits can remain to cause trouble. No worries, EternaPrime is designed to pick up those slippery customers too. Use the surface conditioner with EternaClean to really kill off those greasy patches, though.

For a regular consumer, a little bit of cleaning gets the job done. After doing that one piece of general housekeeping, the amateur tech applies an adhesive compound, which locks down tight. It’s different for building materials, roofing applications, and the tough applications that bond outdoors or indoors. A cleaning chemical wipes away dirt and grime. Then there’s the surface conditioner to apply. Ridding application surfaces of oil and grease, dirt and oxidized grit, EternaPrime preps areas so that they deliver continuous surface contact strength.