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Key Features and Applications of Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

A wide array of sounds from the surroundings can bombard a specific building or structure. Some of them may come from passing cars, while others may be produced by nearby construction works. Sounds can likewise come from appliances, equipment pieces, and other similar things.

People can often carry out their activities despite the presence of these sounds. But if these sounds become too much, they can eventually lead to the existence of noise pollution.

Noise pollution often occurs whenever unwanted sounds infiltrate a specific environment. Those who are exposed to continuous loud sounds may experience sleep disturbance, increased stress levels, and even hearing damage. To prevent the effects of noise pollution, contractors and property owners are heavily recommended to invest in soundproofing compounds. One of these compounds come from Saint-Gobain.

An Overview of Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound

Green Glue, which is part of Saint-Gobain, has come up with a noiseproofing compound that can be effective in soundproofing various indoor construction and renovation projects. What makes this product distinctive is that it can dissipate the vibrations generated by soundwaves, which may come from walls, ceilings, and floors. As the sound energy is obtained, the Green Glue noiseproofing compound can then convert it into a minute amount of heat.

The effectiveness of the Green Glue noiseproofing compound has been proven and verified as it has undergone numerous independent laboratory tests. With these tests, the compound has been confirmed to be effective in increasing Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Sound Reduction Index (SRI) ratings of different construction and renovation configurations. STC or SRI is an integer rating that gauges the effectiveness of a partition or material in reducing airborne sound.

Likewise, the Green Glue noiseproofing compound is eco-friendly, emits a minimal odour, and saves a huge amount of money.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound Principal Uses

Green Glue noiseproofing compound is intended to soundproof key areas of a property. Hence, it must not be used as a permanent adhesive.

When applying this compound, one should utilise it between two layers of building materials. Some of the materials that can work with this product are drywall, cement board, plywood, and MDF. These materials must be flat and rigid so that the Green Glue noiseproofing compound can work well. With correct installation, this product can be very effective in minimising interior, exterior, impact, and flanking noises.

Different types of buildings can take advantage of the Green Glue noiseproofing compound. Some of these buildings are multi-family homes, music studios, schools, restaurants, commercial and retail spaces, industrial buildings, theatres, and entertainment centres. Applying this product to these properties can ensure that the people inside will not be overwhelmed with noises that come from varying directions. Rooms and spaces are likewise expected to be free from infuriating sounds.

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