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Know the Best Products for Caravan Manufacturing and Leak Repairs

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

In caravan manufacturing and leak repair product range, you must be equipped with the best products to ensure a double level of protection from water leaks in your caravan or RV. Here are Foam Sealant’s best products for caravan manufacturing and leak repairs.

EternaBond® EternaCaulk for the Best Solution

Eternacaulk is quite possibly the best solution here because of the compound’s versatile properties. The tube-contained elastomeric compound isn’t affected by wet surfaces, so it’s classed as a dry or wet coverage sealant. The product also forms an enduring seal between many contemporary materials, including asphalt and modified bitumen.

Filling a gap that has been letting the rain in for ages, a 10 Ounce tube of Eternacaulk has gone to work in the hands of the vehicle owner. The cement-like paste has filed that gap well, it’s stopping the leak, and the RV heater is no longer working at full tilt, probably because the heat is staying inside the cabin, not escaping through a pinhole. Again, applied between a metal edge and a plastic seam, the compound provides excellent adhesion strength. Expect that same level of mobile-specific sealing power to act on other vehicles, including yachts and smaller motorhomes.

EternaBond® AlumiBond for Variety of Applications

Aluminum backing bonds or tape (aka AlumiBond) is generally halogen-free and friendly to the welder. It may be used for high temperature applications and avoids purging. Aluminum tape may be used on a variety of surface materials for different applications such as air conditioning, ducting, sealing, and insulating. AlumiBond will remain flexible to temperatures as low as -70° F. For example, a roof will never be thermally shocked or leak due to AlumiBond failure. The aluminum backed tape seals to itself so it can be cut and folded around an object to create moisture- and air-tight seals. The AlumiBond tape is designed and intended to be used on:  trailer/RV roofs and sides, metal buildings, drain pans and drain pipes, duct-work, boats and canoes, and surfaces as a protective coating, where abrasion and corrosion resistance is required.

EternaBond® Steel Roller for a Top-of-the-Line Product

A coping repair using one of the EternaBond® adhesive products is an additional use for this steel roller. An example of this is to apply a layer of EternaPrime® and allow it to dry completely. Next, apply the EternaBond® tape of your choice. To finish, exert pressure on the tape with the EternaBond® steel roller to activate the bonding process. As you can see, the EternaBond® steel roller can be used anywhere that this brand’s adhesive can be applied along with utilising it with other sealant products when necessary. Do not settle for a lesser quality roller when you can have the top of the line with this one. It will always bring you reliable results.