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Material Components And Applications Of Nitrile Closure Tapes

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Nitrile closure tape is an amazing gasket material for fixing applications that require oil and UV obstruction. With a high protection from vegetable oil, creature oil, and mineral oil, Nitrile closure tape additionally performs well as a gasket or fixing material in oil based applications. Additionally, Nitrile elastic gasket material can keep up its properties in business or modern applications where temperatures run from – 40°F to +250°F. Below are the material components and applications of nitrile closure tapes.

Nitrile Closure Tapes Material Components

Among the typical physical properties of nitrile closure tapes is that it is black in colour. Its thickness and hardness ranges from 1.6,3.2, 4.8, 6.4, 9.5,12.7, and 16mm. It has a specification of SCE-42 ASTM D-1056-68/98 and a density of 6.9 pcf ASTM D-1056. Its tensile is at 75 psi (min) ASTM D-412.

The elongation of Nitrile closure tapes is the 125 percent maximum ASTM B-1056 and a 25% Compression Set (50%) 5-9 psi ASTM D-1056. It has a temperature range of -40 degrees C to 93 degrees. The flammability is at FMVSS 302 and UL 94 and its water absorptions is calculated by 10 times the weight (max) ASTM D-1056. It also has a thermal conductivity of ASTM C-177.

Nitrile closure tapes parameter values are not guaranteed and will differ from lot to lot. They are provided with skin on both sides and has black compounds which increases physical properties. It also uses new improved acrylic adhesive. Nitrile closure tape is a closed cell industrial foam made of a blend of PVC nitrile and neoprene with aggressive acrylic and adhesive.

Nitrile Closure Tapes Application Guide

In applying nitrile closure tapes, surfaces should be clean before applying. Avoid touching adhesive surface before application. Press firmly to ensure good adhesion. The typical applications for such include automotive gaskets and seals, architectural applications, insulation, weather stripping, marine construction (hatches), truck cabs, switchboards, inspection hatches, body seals and high movement closure applications. Nitrile closure tapes should be stored at 21 degrees at 50% relative humidity.

For the most part, Nitrile shut cell wipe elastic is the perfect gasket material for fixing oil based items in applications that require a similar gasket material. Our Nitrile shut cell wipe elastic gasket material meets different determinations, including: ASTM-D-1056-67 SBE41, SBE42 and SBE43; ASTM-D-1056-07 2B1, 2B2 and 2B3; ASTM-D-1056 F1, M; and FMVSS-302.

For fuel-related nitrile closure tape uses, styles C41NBR, C42NBR and C43NBR shut cell Nitrile wipe is an unadulterated Nitrile and is a magnificent gasket material for fixing oil based energizes, for example, gas, diesel and other aliphatic and sweet-smelling hydrocarbons. For non-fuel related nitrile closure tape uses, nitrile shut cell wipe works extraordinarily well as a gasket material in applications that will be presented to creature oil, vegetable oil, mineral oil and greasing up oil.