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Mirror Mounting and Other Bonding Applications: Use Normount V1300

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

If you’ve ever wondered how a heavy pane of glass stays mounted in a mirror frame, wonder no longer. Proprietary adhesive compounds and foam backings are used to keep weighty slabs of mirror glass anchored in place. Even when the glossy smooth material is mounted in a steamy bathroom, the bonding agent holds firm. That’s a perfect description for Normount V1300, which provides a superior glass-bonded seal.

Normount V1300 Formulated Connective Strength

For older folk, they’ll still remember the days when glass and plastic panels fell free of their mounts after a few months of holding their ground. Behind the glass, an ugly, cement-like patch of adhesive caulking lay exposed. That’s no longer an issue, not today. Building contractors and mirror frame manufacturers use long-lasting tapes to overcome such sloppy outcomes. In particular, Normount V1300 utilises a polyurethane substrate and a strong double-sided acrylic adhesive to provide an enduring glass-backed mooring surface. Glass signs on doors, glass mirrors inside bathrooms and dressing rooms, these and other utilisation instances benefit from the use of a fastening system that creates a frame-flushed seal.

Optimised Mooring Conformability

Let’s shift the focus of this post away from bathroom mirrors. Already, a loop of V1300 double-sided tape has guaranteed a long-term fitment. Let’s say the mirror is installed in a minimalistic room, as devised by a creative interior decorator. Thanks to the mounting tape, there are no fastening screws or ugly fasteners occupying each corner of the glass pane. The minimalist look is retained. Away from there, a curved vehicle window certainly can’t take on a fastening screw; the windscreen could leak or even crack with a drill hole cut all the way through its glass. No, a conformable strip of polyurethane tape, complete with a foam substrate, takes the place of a mechanical fastener. Essentially, the foam absorbs road impact, the wide acrylic strips of tape perform their stress-distributing duties, and a state of equilibrium is attained between the mirror glass and its mounting frame.

Is mirror mounting performance important? With leak seals, Normount V1300 tape strips perform an important duty. They stretch as a leak site expands, then they regain their initial outlines as the crack area contracts. That’s a good feature to have in an RV that has a nasty cabin crack. All the same, mirrors can also be viewed as significant room and vehicle fittings. In that steamy bathroom, bare feet can’t walk over fragments of broken mirror glass. Likewise, a glass mirror pane can’t come loose in a vehicle, for that action could lead to a break of road concentration, which in turn could cause a life-threatening road accident.