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Mirror Mounting Using Double Sided Adhesive: Principles Behind Adhesive Strength

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

At first, the only ruling principle in mirror mounting is a need for double-sided tape. One side adheres to a flat surface, then the opposing tape face adheres to the back of a mirror. It’s a simple though effective principle. Be that as it may, there are other factors to assess when addressing a mirror mounting job. Mainly, is that tape-supported mirror going to stay put?

Is Strength An Application Relevant Feature?

Enquiring minds wish to know, why is the strength of a double-sided tape such an important factor when the application involves mirror mounting work? Straight to the point, then, glass is a brittle material. If it were to fall free, it could shatter and cause a nasty injury. The last thing someone wants to worry about when washing their hands in hot, steamy water is a glass cut. To counteract such incidents, double-sided mirror mounting adhesives come equipped with adhesive strength. They secure the glass, permanently, add waterproof capabilities to their formulations, and they bond to different surfaces, including glossy glasses and paint.

Let’s Make the Panel Supports Invisible

Fastener technology is still used when erecting mirrors. Of course, the fittings are specially designed to suit this task, so they come with additional components. One example of this approach is a set of domed screw covers, which attach to the fastener heads. Modern mirrors drop old fasteners because they take up valuable real estate. Granted, the four supporting mechanical parts are located in the panel corners, but they still look somewhat offputting. Newer mirrors don’t use mechanical fasteners at all; the bonding substrate behind the glass provides the long-lasting anchoring strength.

All about Adhesive Strength

So the adhesive tape is double-sided. It’s sitting invisibly behind the reflective glass, flush against the mirror frame. The thickness of the adhesive tape, without its twin liners, is known, so the glass won’t protrude when it’s mounted. Happily, the sticky substrates deliver plenty of initial tackiness. Next, a high surface energy, which floats somewhere around 200 to 300-Dyne/cm, creates a winning combination. The tape plastic and its sticky coatings are durable, the chemical substrates resolute, and the peel adhesion formidable. That latter property is important in mirror mounting applications.

Even more importantly, the invisible tape mounting can be applied in long strips, top to bottom and side to side. That’s a feature that mechanical fasteners lack. They must be used on mirror edges or corners, where they’ll add stress-making drill holes and fastener pressure to a mirror’s supports. Equipped with peel and temperature resistance, plus masses of adhesive strength, double-sided adhesive tapes provide permanent support, even when that reflective glass gets all steamy.

Ready to ensure your mirrors stay securely in place? Our double-sided adhesive tapes provide the strength and durability needed for long-lasting mirror mounting. Say goodbye to unsightly mechanical fasteners and hello to a seamless, invisible bond.

Check out our product page for a closer look at our adhesive solutions and how they can elevate your mirror installation project. Have questions or need assistance? Don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice and personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Let’s make your mirror mounting worry-free and reliable.