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Mount Posters and Displays Using V1500 Double Sided Rubber Adhesive

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Many apartment occupants rent their homes. Naturally enough, they want to make the cold walls feel more homelike, so they mount posters. But wait, there’s a hesitation. No one wants to make holes in the walls with pins or tacks, not if that action breaks a clause in some overly fussy lease agreements. So, what’s next? There’s always something else that’ll stick to apartment walls, right?

Poster Mounting With V1500 Double-Sided Rubber Adhesive

Don’t even think about it, not for a single second; generic adhesives can make a mess of precious poster corners. It’ll also leave a residue on the walls when it comes time to relocate. Instead, if V1500 tape is good enough to hang a heavy glass mirror, it’s certainly good enough to support a poster. Even if the vertical surfaces that are to be used as the mounting site are coated in some kind of textured wallpaper, this foam-polyolefin adhesive won’t hesitate to display its full tacky powers. Designed to conform to irregular surfaces, the double-sided rubber produces plenty of bonding strength, so a simple poster mounting project won’t present a problem.

Ticks the Shear-Strength Box

The paper sheet wants to furl up and fly away. That’s about the only problem a mounting amateur will face when putting up a poster. But now a heavier sheet is being wall-mounted. Perhaps the occupant here is older, so there’s an art print to raise, not some teenybopper’s fan poster. Or maybe this is a medium-sized family portrait. Either way, they’re no longer paper sheets. These are thin panels of cardboard, plus frames and glass. The prints will look amazing when they’re framed like this, and they’ll last for years, too. Only, there’s a problem. Actually, it’s the same problem, the need for a mounting pin or tack. To tell the truth, a hammer and nail are more likely now, and that’ll leave an obvious hole in the wall. Going back to a roll of V1500 double-sided rubber adhesive, this material conforms to a wall’s irregular surfaces while delivering plenty of shear-strength. That latter factor is mandatory if the bonding material is to support a heavily framed image.

Finally, this product can easily make its presence known in a busy shop. There are posters to mount in here as well. More importantly, though, there are heavy signs, some of which are electrically illuminated. Mounted on rough wallpaper or glass, the foam exhibits high elongation resistance strength and enough durability to stay the course, even in a shop that’s covered in layers of dirt. Just remember to clean the application surfaces free of dirt and grime before applying the double-sided rubber adhesive, though.