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NORSEAL® Firm Foam Tape: Qualities that Make it Ideal for Automobile Use

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

It’s with some confidence that we draw your attention to NORSEAL® Firm Foam Tape. Proven as a superior gasketing material, the polyurethane foam features some truly singular features, which is why the product has become a universally approved strip sealant. Used as a perennial vibration-dampening solution, the micro-cellular tape favours automobile applications due to the following features. It all begins with that vibration-dampening attribute, a property that’s exhaustively tested.

Automobile Design: Environmental Bubbles 

Few people stop to consider the efforts that have gone into producing the ideal driving space. A noisy engine is under the dashboard, heavy weather and loud noise are kept back at the compartment perimeter, and a passenger stretches back to enjoy true mobile isolated space. NORSEAL® Firm Foam Tape is responsible for that sealed environmental envelope. First of all, that foam lining stops vibrations, the mechanical noise that propagates along the vehicle frame. Manufactured from a closed-cell polyurethane material, noise is dampened. Then, while the micro-cellular foam structure is doing its work, the polymer rejects ultraviolet harm. That UV resistance feature is important because an automobile is exposed on all sides. Those windows and windscreens must be there to maximize driver visibility, but that doesn’t mean the effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays should be left to age the vehicle’s inner seals.

NORSEAL® Firm Foam Tape: Installation and Performance 

Designed to readily change its plastic outlines, the tape conforms to any surface, even if that surface is loaded with sharp turns. Again, modern cars are commonly covered in such complex surface outlines, with computer-aided designs playing the role of the bodywork architect, so a plastic seal must be able to fully parallel those intricate lines. So far, then, this is a foam seal that dampens outside stress and minimizes vibrations. It resists UV light. It installs effortlessly and conforms to every eccentrically profiled vehicle edge. These are the properties that are required to produce an impenetrable automobile compartment, a sweet spot that attenuates noise and vibration. The weather won’t wear down that seal, nor will the compressive force created by a car door.

The last feature we mentioned is an important one, right? Dynamic engine vibrations and UV rays work slowly into the passenger compartment, but that slamming door can crush a lesser foam tape. What’s required is a resilient material, which is why NORSEAL® firm foam tape qualifies as the optimal solution, one that bounces back into its original shape every time the seal is breached. Used in electronic applications and as a general automobile sealing tape, this closed-cell polyurethane foam creates that ideal feeling of floating tranquillity that’s so sought after in premier car designs.