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Norseal® V710 Properties and Applications

November 18, 2019

Norseal® V710 is a PVC based foam. It’s cut into thin lengths of material-cushioned, Poly Vinyl Chloride, which are then rolled into multi-metre lengths. Since the foam is designed to perform as a force dampening and weather blocking seal, the material inevitably finds its way into heavy door sealing applications. That, unfortunately, is a hard usage area to serve. However, while lesser products tend to distort, Norseal® V710 holds firm.

The Swirl-Free Sealing Foam

Let’s assume another adhesive foam—cut into thin strips— has been utilized. For whatever reason, maybe because the installation technician wanted to cut costs, the material is fitted around a lap-joint seal, above a building ducting panel. Using its adhesive base, the material works for a time, but it eventually starts to peel. That’s why installers use fasteners. Yet again, though, they’re frustrated because substandard foams twist when fasteners are applied. Norseal® V710 accepts those fasteners. Even if a high-speed electric drill twists the screws home, this medium-density closed-cell foam tape refuses to distort or twist. That, according to many seal installation professionals, is a compelling feature to have on-hand when fitting a positionally-perfect frame seal.

Purpose-Made Foam Sealant Applications

Back with a heavy-duty usage area, compressibility and adhesion difficulties present themselves as installer-frustrating nuisances. No worries, Norseal® V710 can be provided with or without an adhesive base. Now, if the installation worker intends to use a line of deeply driven screws, then that adhesion-less foam strip makes more sense. This application scenario is commonly found on duct sealing. Used by HVAC technicians, a closely aligned group of self-tapping screws or rivets would keep the twist-free PVC foam in place. When finished, the closed-cell cushioning keeps the duct joint completely airtight and leakproof. Incidentally, as soon as V710 foam strips are 30% compressed, perhaps by a joint between two modular wall sections, they create 100% seals against dust, water and light.

That’s another obvious application, a structure that uses modular walls. With the foam performing as a joint seal between the walls, a modular structure becomes instantly heat insulated and air-leak resistant. Plasterboard walls accept adhesion based and adhesion-less product variants. On metal walls, the same is true, although fasteners are more likely here. Farm buildings, which block outside air currents from harvested holdings and livestock alike, use screws and washers to compress corrugated metal walls, with a strip of Norseal® V710 sandwiched between the two metal surfaces. Marine and truck applications, air conditioning and light construction applications, too, this deformation impervious foam sealant tape simply hangs tough whenever a fastener works its twisty best to disfigure its seal boundaries.

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