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Primary Applications of EternaBond Products

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Manufacturers design, craft, and supply a wide array of parts and products to their intended destinations. To ensure that their offerings can be utilised for a long time, they often use durable and reliable materials.

But despite using durable materials, some parts and products can still get damaged and deteriorate over time. Even with maintenance, they can end up obtaining issues that would affect their purposes. Without immediate servicing, they may attain surfaces damages, which can then lead to leakages. As parts and products manifest leak issues, they would allow their content to go out. Surface damages may also permit outdoor elements from entering, posing dangers to some applications.

H.B. Fuller, a major adhesives manufacturing company, formulated different types of adhesive tapes to resolve leakage issues. Under the brand EternaBond, the company has generated offerings that can help customers from various markets. Some of the most popular EternaBond products are as follows:


EternaBondAlumiBond is an adhesive tape that maximises a hard aluminium backing. Unlike other adhesive tapes, this offering from H.B Fuller does not require ultraviolet protection. It can also be painted with other colours so it can complement the colour of a surface. The quality of its backing makes it compatible with parts out of metal materials. Some products that can utilise the hardness and toughness of EternaBondAlumiBond are storage tanks, steel and aluminium roofs, and gravity tanks.


While EternaBondAlumiBond can be utilised for steel and aluminium roofs, EternaBondRoofSeal can also be used to fix any leaks on virtually all types of roofing. Even roofs made from EPDM, TPO, and PVC can be serviced and fixed by this adhesive tape.

What makes EternaBondRoofSeal compatible with most types of roofs is it is UV stable. It is also fitted with a built-in primer, allowing the tape to be bonded with any surfaces for decades. The benefits of EternbondRoofSeal make it great for providing a water-tight seal as well as a re-seaming element for roofs that have already obtained some rip, tear, and open seams.


Aside from tapes for roofs, H.B Fuller also offers EternaBondWindowSeal, which is a type of adhesives for windows. EternaBondWindowSeal has a thin polyethylene film filled with their proprietary MicroSealant. With the inclusion of these components, EternaBondWindowSeals are expected to work well with any construction metals, wood, vinyl, brick, concrete, and glass as they do not shrink and fall. They can likewise be maximised in cold temperatures without any issues.


EternaBondDoubleStick is another type of adhesive tape from H.B. Fuller that can prevent leaks from occurring. This specific type of tape maximises MicroSealant that is inserted between two protection layers. These protection layers can then be removed, making both sides of the tape sticky. EternaBondDoubleStick can help install windows and vents on recreational vehicles, steel buildings, and mobile homes. It can also be utilised as lap adhesive.

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