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The Benefits of Window Sealing During the Summer

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Window sealing is a great way to keep heat inside buildings in order to make them more energy efficient, and their benefits are often touted in the colder months. However, it’s not just during winter that sealed windows are a fantastic idea – they also keep heat out during the summer to keep homes and offices cool during spells of hot weather. As sealing experts, we know the many advantages of installing double glazed windows in a range of properties. Nonetheless, most people think of making the upgrade to window sealing in autumn or winter to reap the benefits. Below are the benefits of window sealing during the summer.

Window Sealing Controls The Inside Temperature

Window sealing is effective in all weathers because it stops heat transferring from one side to the other. That means in winter, it stops heat escaping from the inside of the property and in hot weather it limits the amount of heat energy from outdoors transferring to inside the building. It has a dual purpose so its benefits can be felt all year round, whether you want the room to remain cool or stay warm. You could utilise Thermalbond V2200 and Themalbond V2100 in this scenario as they function to seal the indoor temperature for your convenience.

Window Sealing Stops UV damage

We all love a bit of sunlight shining through our window, but did you know the sun’s powerful rays could actually be causing damage to your furnishings? Have you ever noticed the faded effect on a photograph which was placed near a window? Installing double glazed windows can limit the amount of damaging UV rays which can penetrate the window into the home, minimising fading to carpets, curtains and other furnishings. Eternabond WindowSeal is perfect for such a purpose.

Window Sealing Keeps Out The Noise

With longer days and light evenings, you may find that your neighbours start having later dinner parties and BBQs that go on late into the night. On top of this, children stay out playing later and teenagers seem to get a later curfew when school’s out for the summer. If you find these sounds disturbing then window sealing offers sound insulation – one way to block out the extra noise of summer vibes.

Window Sealing Tightens Security

As you lock up your house and leave for your summer holiday, you want to feel that your property is well secured and won’t fall victim to a criminal while you’re away. Sealed windows improve security because they can be locked from the inside and the tough glass is very difficult to smash. You could utilise Glazing Pad to guarantee utmost security.

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