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Uses and Applications of Polyurethane Foam Tapes

June 11, 2020

Polyurethane foam tapes are one of the most underrated bonding and sealing application. These foam tapes are not as popular as acrylic and polyolefin foam tapes despite its useful properties and performance. Below is an overview of polyurethane foam tapes and their uses and applications.

Polyurethane Foam Tapes

Polyurethane foam tapes are made from polyols with diisocyanates. The reaction between these two chemicals resulted into highly durable foams used in mattresses, car seats, and foam for tapes and gaskets. Various additives are incorporated to help tailor the urethane for particular applications. Its further use and applications include but not limit to – gasketing, bonding, sealing, weather-stripping, acoustical (sound isolation), thermal insulation, and vibration damping. They are also known in industries such as appliances, automotive applications, electrical or electronics, shower and bath, truck or trailer or RV, point-of-purchase signage, window fabrication, and plastic moulder or extruder applications. Below is an elaborate explanation of the uses and applications of polyurethane foam tapes.

Polyurethane Foam Tapes in Interior Applications

Polyurethane foam tapes are made from conformable low-density foam which provides good insulation for interior or protected-outdoor applications. In fact, they have successfully replaced mechanical fasteners such as rivets, bolts, screws, and welding materials because they are better in withstanding high level of vibration, and it has a high-strength and durable seals against cold, dust, gas, liquid, sounds. They can also act as a form of sealant to resist weather, extreme temperatures, UV light, and fungus.

Polyurethane Foam Tapes for Gasketing

Polyurethane foam tapes can also be used for gasketing applications. Their adhesive-coated surfaces can be used as a compressing seal that can close up an area to prevent unwanted and unnecessary escape of gas, liquid or sound in machines. You can normally find such in electrical enclosures, shed and garage doors. Polyurethane foam tapes are better alternative for rubber foams and/ sealants.

Polyurethane Foam Tapes for Weather-stripping

One common application for a polyurethane foam tape is weather-stripping. They commonly function as an added insulation for homes for maximum comfort and protection. They function as a barrier so unwanted hot or cold air can stay outdoors. Polyurethane foam tapes are placed in doors or windows if the homes are poorly-constructed or deteriorated. They act as sealants to block the gaps or openings that would be detrimental to the home’s insulating capacity.

Polyurethane Foam Tapes Other Uses and Applications

Polyurethane foam tapes are not limited to the above mentioned functions. In fact, they could also be used to dissipate energy and stresses along the entire bond line. Aside from that, they could function as a body side moulding, wheel weight attachment, composite panel bonding, emblems and nameplate attachment, sign framing, wheel well and door edge mouldings, bumper trim and inserts and rocker panels.

Needless to say, polyurethane foam tapes might not be as known as other foam types but you can never disregard its uses and applications. Contact Foam Sealant Pty. Ltd for more information about them.

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