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Using EternaBondAlumiBond for Minimal Repairs of Storage Tanks

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Worried storage tank owners start rubbing their temples when they see cracks spreading. It’s following a seam or turning in direction to follow the path of least resistance. The tank is going to leak, so an expensive replacement unit is probably on the cards. Well, there’s another choice. Instead of that costly replacement, EternaBondAlumiBond tape will plug that crack and hold back the pressure.

Features a Thick Backing

Much has been said about microsealant formulas and advances in adhesion strength. However, no matter their chemical resilience, those tacky substances won’t endure for long if they’re not backed by a strong material ribbon. Taking care of that vital product feature, EternaBondAlumiBond adds 4-millimetres of flexible aluminium strength to an already fortified adhesive layer. That’s a big advantage when bonding those cracks that seem to propagate under their own power.

Storage Tank Repairs

In this case, the split isn’t really opening up under its own steam. The fracture energy is provided by the stored fluid, which is heated and/or held under pressure. A lesser tape, some plumbing or vent tape solution that was maybe laying handy, won’t stop this energy from working its way into the cracks. Then the fluid, hot water probably, will leak and further weaken the bonding agent. Happily, EternaBond products use proprietary synthetic resins and non-curing rubbers, which engage when a built-in primer is triggered. Now seen as minimal repair work, a little elbow grease and hand rubbing is enough to start the curing process. For larger storage tanks and wider tapes, a steel roller takes care of this pressure-actuating chore.

First Things First: Assessing Crack Placement

Here’s a roll of metal-backed tape that’ll bond roofing, steel storage tanks, galvanized metals, and tough plastics. From polyethylene to brick masonry, the synthetic resin treats every surface with equal effectiveness. But where’s the crack? If it’s on a seam or an open surface, the 4-mm thick aluminium backing easily conforms to the shape of the tank surface. For an awkwardly placed fracture, the tape still seals the crack. However, a consultation with a service engineer should be made to see if this is a permanent repair or a temporary measure. Storage tanks, after all, sometimes use intricate geometrical outlines.

It’s possible to patch or weld a rugged plastic storage tank. A metal variant is that much harder to fix, of course. Even when this course of action is taken, there’s a risk that the tank structure will be weakened by this stopgap measure. EternaBondAlumiBond is the risk-free, minimal repair solution that’s designed to stop leaks on pressurized storage tanks. Just remember to clean the crack area, then apply the resinous adherent, knowing its aluminium strengthened backbone will endure.