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Waterproofing and Repairing Non-Pressurized Water Leaks: What Makes Eternabond the Best Solution?

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

If a stream of water appears after a second-hand RV has been purchased, that’s going to cause a grunt of displeasure. It’s exactly the same situation with building roofing, with seepage causing wood damage. A nasty mould will probably take root if this issue goes unresolved. Sure, the penetrating fluid can be labelled a non-pressurized leak, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work its way through the smallest crack or puncture.

Water Leaks Are Relentless

It’s true, given enough time, a non-pressurized leak will somehow find its way through a surface or seal breach. It’s something about the laws of fluid dynamics, about surface tensions and wettability factors. Whatever the reason, water leaks sure can travel far. To stop tiny rivulets from forming, expert contractors keep rolls of EternaBond RoofSeal deep inside their toolboxes. And why should builders and repair professionals lean so heavily on this microsealant-formulated product range? Well, no one wants to stop and assess the materials around a water leak. Apart from a surface cleaning regimen, the repair technician should work under one simple assumption, on the knowledge that the waterproofing tape or compound will adhere to any given surface type. Mortar, metal, wood, plastic or rubber, the only result worth recording should be one where the repair material instantly grips and waterproofs the repair area.

Activating the Built-In Primer

The problem with lesser waterproofing systems begins when the sticky stuff makes contact with a chosen surface. Even if the sealant does adhere to any material, that generically sourced product might not conform fully to the surfaces around the seepage site. Blisters then form as the water continues to travel through the tiniest surface irregularities. No worries, EternaBond products use an advanced release microsealant formula, which also adds in an in-built primer. As the thermoplastics-based resins activate, they bond fully to an application surface. Water leaks can’t travel when this level of bonding excellence is at hand. No water blisters develop here, nor do any non-pressurized leaks.

Let’s finish off this post by talking about EternaBonds’ record for large-scale repair work. It’s a given, smaller leaks are quickly repaired when the liner is removed and the microsealant compound is exposed. On roofing jobs, RV leak repairs, even on cooling tower seal ruptures, the adhering tape waterproofs and repairs. Apart from such common usage domains, the putty-like tape can be twisted until it creates a rope. Used to fill larger leak sites, formidable voids seal tightly. No fast-flowing rivulets can form when this kind of product versatility is accessible. By the way, on water towers and sites that bring a little more pressure into play, do remember to apply the microsealant on the inner side of the water processing housing.