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What Are Acoustic Foam Tapes?

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
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Traffic, aircraft, barking dogs, shouting neighbors, many types of machinery, loud music, office equipment or even your own appliances create high and low frequency noises that can be aggravating or intolerable. Although it is hard to completely remove noise altogether, you can reduce the levels dramatically with acoustic foam tapes. And to top it off, the cost of applying acoustic foam tapes is minimal.

What are Acoustic Foam Tapes?

Acoustic foam tapes are a specialty tapes that are utilized in numerous applications such as home improvement, recording studios and music rooms. The foam tape is composed of material like EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber), polyethylene or similar substances that have adhesive on one or both sides.

Acoustic foam tapes are particularly useful for soundproofing, sealing and weather-stripping. For instance, the tape is helpful in sealing an area between two spaces such as a frame and door. It can also be placed along the doors and windows for an air tight seal. The application will greatly reduce noise levels and prevent cold air from entering the building in the winter.

Types of Acoustic Foam Tapes

Acoustic foam tapes generally come in rolls. Many types of foam tapes have a protective backing that needs to be peeled off before use. This is to help protect the foam properties. The foam can be damaged if it touches the other side of the tape that has a very strong adhesive. The process of peeling the protective backing is quite easy. However, it is recommended that the foam tape be applied immediately after the backing is removed.

Most home improvement projects require one-sided adhesive tape. Then again, there are two-sided acoustic foam tapes available if needed. The two-sided foam tape is generally used in semi-permanent and permanent applications where the space between two areas needs to be sealed. Two-sided tapes are largely used where the sides are not foreseen to be moved.

Because of the depth, acoustic foam tapes are generally not standard in lengths as other tapes are. They typically come in packages in lengths of around 2.75 meters or eight feet.

Other Foam Products for Soundproofing

Acoustic foam tapes are ideal for deadening and diffusing sound like in offices or homes and for preventing sound leakage such as in recording studios or music rooms. They can also be used in conjunction with other effective soundproofing materials such as Green Glue Sealant and Green Glue Compound.

Green Glue is explicitly designed to sound proof a room. It is definitely more than a sealant. And when compared to insulation, it is far more effective in keeping sound in or out. The liquid non-toxic compound is easy to use and does not require mixing. It is applied in construction applications for homes and offices and provides extra soundproofing when combined with acoustic foam tapes.

For more information on acoustic foam tapes and other effective products for soundproofing or weatherizing contact Foam Sealant Pty Ltd, a renowned company in the foam industry. Explore our wide selection of acoustic foam tapes on our Products page to find the perfect fit for your needs.