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Product Icons Key

Icons are used in the website to assist you understand the main characteristics of each product.

It is advisable to check against the specific product characteristics to confirm use suitability.

Water Seal

Requires 25% compression to seal against water.

Water Seal

Requires 30% compression to seal against water.

Water Seal

Requires 75% compression to seal against water.


Conforms to curved or irregular surfaces.

Dimensionally Stable

Ability to maintain initial size and shape.


Airtight when compressed.

Dust Seal

Seals against dust and general sealing needs at low compression percentage.

Easily Compressible

Low deflection force which reduces distortion of adjacent material.

Flame Resistant

Contains flame retardant properties for fire protection.


Expandable and fire resistant.

Mould Resistant

Resists the growth of mould and fungi.

Petrol and Oil Resistant

Resistant to petrol and oils and most chemicals.

Rain Seal

Seals against rain under compression.

Tear Resistance

Resists tearing caused by fastening penetrations.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulating

Controls sound transmission and low thermal conductivity.

UV Resistant

Good resistance to UV light, weathering and aging.

Vibration Dampening

Suitable for isolating and controlling vibrations.

Wind Seal

Seals against wind when under compression – check for compression percentages.

High Temperature

Suitable for operating at high temperatures.

Broad Temperature Range

Suitable for use in wide temperature range conditions.

Compression Set Resistance

Material returns to the original state once compression is removed.

Chemical Resistant

Resistant to most chemicals.