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Double Sided Bonding Tape

High Performance Double Sided Bonding Tapes

Our double sided bonding tape range is robust and versatile and suitable for many applications. It’s your go-to solution for bonding challenges which require an ultra high bond such as, mounting trims, fixings, badges, and vehicle panels and accessories, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners. It’s designed to work in conjunction with a vast number of substrates, from steel to glass to aluminum, automotive surfaces, and plastics. Boasting superior permanent bonding characteristics, making it suitable for virtually all indoor and outdoor applications.

Engineered for Durability and Flexibility

Our high performance double sided bonding tapes offer a bond that stands the test of time. Engineered to provide durable, long-lasting security where and when it matters the most, these double sided tapes combine an elastomeric foam substrate with an aggressive durable pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. They have excellent resistance to a wide variety of environmental conditions and are an ideal choice for interior and exterior bonding applications.

Features and Benefits

Our tapes feature a unique substrate and adhesive combination that aids to dissipate vibrations and distribute stress forces, resulting in a long-term bond. The high strength tape construction relieves forces caused by thermal expansion and contraction between bonded parts, thereby helping to maintain bonds during the temperature cycles.

Advanced Tape Technology with a Wide Product Range

Our connection with industry leading tape manufacturers globally allows us to offer very high bond double sided tapes to reduce and eliminate mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives, welds and subsequent surface refinishing, which saves time, increases productivity and reduces costs while improving overall product appearance. With options available for automotive, transportation, construction, electronic and signage applications (and more), you’re sure to find the right product for your application.

With over 130 years of combined experience we offer reliable advice and a superior range of double sided bonding tapes to meet and exceed your bonding needs.