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Butyl Based Sealants

Butyl is a synthetic rubber formed from isobutylene and small amounts of isoprene. The natural structure of the butyl rubber molecules renders them very stable to weathering, age and heat whilst also offering stability against a wide range of non-hydrocarbon-based chemicals (including PVC plasticisers). Being an all-hydrocarbon material butyl has very low water absorption and the regular nature of the molecules allow close packing, this confers on them their uniquely low permeability to gas, air and moisture.

Butyl molecules exhibit virtually no tendency to crystallize and depend upon molecular entanglement or crosslinking for their internal strength. The amorphous character of the polymer results in high flexibility, permanently tacky and resistance to shock. These characteristics are retained over a wide temperature range making butyl products suitable for use in all climatic extremes.

Features and Benefits

Resists water vapour transmission
Ideally suited to permanent water seals

Non-hardening mastic
Forms a soft resilient compression seal allowing movement due to expansion and contraction

Immediate bonding
Fuses with nearly all stable solid surfaces and can be applied at temperatures between 5°C and 40°C and retains elasticity from -30°C to 80°C

Chemically inert
Safe to use and environmentally friendly, resistant to alkalis, acids and salts.

Durability and weather resistance
Resistant to moisture and to deterioration by oxidation and UV

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