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Surface Enhancer

A surface enhancer for the application of bonding tapes serves several crucial functions to optimise the bonding process:

Features and Benefits

Contaminant Removal
It effectively removes contaminants such as oxidation, grime, oil, grease, and tree sap from the surface. This ensures a clean and receptive substrate for the bonding tape.

Opening Pores or Membranes
The enhancer is designed to open or prepare single-ply roof membranes and metals, creating a more porous and adhesive-friendly surface. This facilitates a stronger bond between the substrate and the bonding tape.

Residue-Free Drying
The surface enhancer dries quickly and leaves no residue behind. This is essential for ensuring a clean and smooth surface for the application of bonding tapes, avoiding any interference with the bonding process.

Non-Chlorinating Formula
The use of a non-chlorinating formula in the surface enhancer makes it environmentally friendly and compliant with regulations in all states. This ensures that the bonding process is not only effective but also meets legal and environmental standards.

Compatibility with Various Sealants
A good surface enhancer is often designed to prepare surfaces not only for bonding tapes but also for various sealants. This versatility makes it a valuable tool in a range of applications where effective bonding is crucial.

In summary, a surface enhancer for bonding tapes is a specialised solution that optimises the bonding surface by removing contaminants, opening pores, ensuring residue-free drying, and maintaining environmental compliance. It plays a key role in creating an ideal foundation for the successful application of bonding tapes in various contexts.