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Typical Applications of Norseal® V990

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
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Regardless of where the need is for a foam sealant, you need to use a high-quality, reliable one to receive ideal results. Norseal® V990 is one such product, and it will provide you with durable results, whether you use it for a glazing sealant or one of its many other applications. Clients have preferred this brand of foam sealant for over 35 years since it has a proven performance record. This success is attributed to the effective way that the company combines a foam substrate of closed cell polyvinyl chloride with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on each side.

Durable and Reliable in Numerous Applications

Norseal® V990 is extremely effective at sealing out dust, light and water, especially in joints that experience a lot of movement. Also, its strength and high density make it suitable for die-cutting applications. On top of all this, it resists oxidation, damage from ultraviolet exposure and weathering issues. It is easy to see by these facts why this foam sealant provides a long-lasting, secure seal.

Applies Quickly and Easily

Norseal’s two-sided adhesive makes for a quick and easy application process with glazing assembly. It holds the lite in position without the need of extra tools, such as clamps. Also, the easy-peel poly liner safeguards the face of the adhesive until you are ready to install it and keeps it from stretching during the installation process.

Features and Benefits of Norseal® V900

  • Perfect for glazing joints that experience movement
  • Highly resistant to oxidation, ultraviolet light and weathering
  • Compatible with almost all types of glazing components
  • Offers uniform sight lines without having to deal with cold flow, oozing or hand tooling of sealant
  • Norseal® V980 is the same sealant as V990 but has a paper liner instead of a poly liner for those who prefer it
  • Both V990 and V980 are available with adhesive on one side, which allows parts repositioning during installation
  • Exceeds the present AAMA 810.1 requirements

Common Applications for Norseal® V990

  • Exterior and interior glazing sealant for vinyl, wood and metal sash systems
  • Commercial and residential window glazing, regardless of design
  • Commercial refrigeration glazing
  • Ideal for ventilation and heating duct work
  • Vibration damping applications
  • Die-cut gaskets
  • Marine glazing
  • Retail store display cases

A Brief Guide for Applying Norseal® V990

Clean surfaces prior to applying this foam sealant. Place the V990 in the correct position before removing the liner. Do not touch the adhesive surface before or during the application process. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, the manufacturer of Norseal® V990, recommends that you test all sealants with the materials and conditions that you are going to use them in before you install them for commercial applications. Since this company cannot anticipate all possible uses for this foam sealant, testing is crucial to ensure that it will work appropriately. Also, this sealant contains a plasticizer, and this may negatively affect certain plastics.