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Cohrlastic ® Sponge Silicone Tapes: For High Temperature and High Performance Gasketing

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Cohrlastic ® Sponge Silicone Tapes are thermally stable. In fact, gasketing tapes made out of this closed cell rubber are resilient and compressible. Other foam tapes lose those features when they’re exposed to high temperatures. They no longer perform properly, no longer cushion or rebound with foamy ease. Happily, this range of sponge silicone tapes retains its foaminess, even when the temperature climbs high.

Cohrlastic Tape: Core Properties 

Fabricated as sheets of sponge silicone, the temperature range that this product operates within begins at -73°C and rises until a 260°C ceiling is hit. Imagine the sheet material as die-cut gaskets, with its material base functioning inside a baking hot piece of catering equipment. Protecting wires and cable loops, Cohrlastic ® Sponge Silicone Tapes use their high-performance features to cushion electrical components and dampen mechanical vibrations. Again, when the heat does climb above 200°C, comparable products tend to harden and lose their vibration absorbing capabilities. Not so with this gasketing range, as it keeps right on delivering its cushioning power, no matter the thermal challenge.

Extending the Product Range 

So far this post has covered a specific base product. Known as R10470 closed cell silicone, this gasketing tape is used in electronics, commercial lighting, catering equipment, and other moderately hot applications. For more challenging environments, though, there are alternative options. Engineers replace the product described above with R10490 when the hot equipment is mounted in a chemically challenging site. If there are oils or harsh reagents nearby, this fluorosilicone-reinforced member of the product series endures. Other optionable members of the Cohrlastic Sponge Silicone tape series feature flame retardancy, fibreglass toughness, and even pressure sensitive adhesives.

Preparing the Gasketing Area 

Like any other sealing product, this high-temperature gasketing tape should be tested before it’s put into service. If there are oily deposits or corrosive films coating local surfaces, then use R10490 sponge silicone, not a member of the series that lacks chemical resistance. Granted, the installer could be turning all of his attention towards the fiery heat and heavy vibrations that typically define the application site, but those arduous conditions will be the least of the installation tech’s worries if the taping loses its cushioning abilities because of an oily film. Finally, regardless of the chosen tape, the application site should be cleaned and dried before the material is applied.

There are many vibration cancelling tapes on the market. There are also many temperature resistant elastomers available. What’s not commonly available is a gasketing tape that can function at its elongated finest when there are high temperatures and massive vibrational forces around. Cohrlastic sponge silicone is one such product, one that sees service in the harshest industrial and military-based applications.