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Soft PVC Foam Tapes from Foam Sealant: Tackling Irregular Surfaces

  • Posted by: Kim M
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Conquer uneven surfaces with Soft PVC Foam Tapes from Foam Sealant. Know how they excel in sealing and insulation applications in Australia. Call 1300 000 205.

Sealing, insulation, and sound dampening can all be achieved through the use of the right materials and products. At Foam Sealant, we know how important they are to applications related to construction, electronics, and so on. Hence, our company offers Soft PVC Foam Tapes as they can particularly meet these elements. They are also capable of handling and addressing the challenges posed by irregular surfaces. From gaps and uneven contours to varying textures, they provide a reliable barrier, ensuring a secure and effective seal for a long time.

Soft PVC Foam Tapes: A Quick Look

Soft PVC Foam Tapes are adhesive foam tapes with a core made from low-density (soft) polyvinyl chloride foam. This foam core is designed to be compressible, allowing it to conform to irregular surfaces and fill gaps effectively. The tape is equipped with a durable adhesive on one side, ensuring a strong and lasting bond once applied.

At Foam Sealant, we offer these tapes in 1.5m rolls. They have a thickness of 9.55mm and a width of 10mm. One great thing about these tapes is they are conformable to irregular surfaces. And with a high level of flexibility, they can easily be used in radius seal applications. They also boast excellent resistance to fungi, weather, and oxidation. They will not even crack in cold temperatures.

Notable Features and Primary Uses

A lot of features can be expected from Soft PVC Foam Tapes.

First, their soft core exhibits excellent compressibility, enabling the tapes to conform to the contours of uneven surfaces and providing a tight and secure seal. This quality likewise helps them fill gaps and irregularities, creating a barrier against dust, moisture, and air infiltration. Soft PVC Foam Tapes are also resistant to elements, particularly weathering, UV exposure, and temperature extremes. This quality makes them ideal for outdoor applications.

Soft PVC Foam Tapes even exhibit excellent shock-absorbing qualities, making them valuable in applications where vibration dampening or cushioning is required.

All these features make them useful in a lot of applications. They include precast concrete wall systems, telecommunication enclosures, refrigeration components, pneumatic system parts, bus and off-road vehicles, air conditioning ductwork, and environmentally controlled rooms.

Application of Soft PVC Foam Tapes

Before applying Soft PVC Foam Tapes, the surfaces should be cleaned so they can be free from dust, grease, or debris. Next, proper compression must be achieved when using these tapes. Applying the right amount of compression can achieve an effective seal. Overcompression can lead to premature wear, while undercompression may compromise the seal.

Soft PVC Foam Tapes are often supplied in rolls so they can be customised. You may want to cut the tape to the desired length and shape to fit the specific contours of the irregular surface.

Soft PVC Foam Tapes from Foam Sealant stand as adaptable solutions in sealing, insulation, and vibration dampening. Their ability to tackle irregular surfaces makes them invaluable in various industries and applications. As the demand for effective sealing solutions continues to grow, Soft PVC Foam Tapes prove to be a steadfast choice, conquering irregular surfaces with ease and reliability.