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EternaBond® WindowSeal: Effective Window Sealing without the Gaps

  • Posted by: Kim M
  • Category: Article

As temperatures drop, cold outside air can easily penetrate into homes and commercial buildings through gaps in windows. Besides preventing cold air from entering buildings so that the temperature inside doesn’t become physically uncomfortable for people, sealing window gaps is definitely an important way to save money too.

For example, a typical home can lose up to 30% heating and cooling efficiency from the gaps in window frames because of air leaks. This is the main reason why home heating and cooling costs continue to rise, that is why window sealing is so important. There are a few ways of window sealing without gaps, the easiest, long-lasting, and most cost-effective way is to use EternaBond WindowSeal – a thin polyethylene film coated with MicroSealant.

While EternaBond WindowSeal is an effective way to seal window gaps, it also helps one to understand what causes large gaps between window frames in the first place, even after they have been sealed with caulking.

Causes of Large Window Gaps

Basically, gaps that develop around window frames are caused by either improperly installed caulking, low-quality caulk, the different expansion and contraction of various types of materials, or a combination of all of these. But most commonly the reason that gaps occur around window frames is caused by different materials contracting and expanding at different rates due to the change in outside temperatures over a period of time.

As an example, vinyl window frames will expand at a different rate than wall frames made of wood, brick, or other materials. Even if window frames and wall frames are made of wood, different types of woods will expand and contract at different rates. This is the main reason why caulking will give way to gaps, but the best and effective window sealing without gaps is to use EternaBond WindowSeal.

Window Sealant Tapes Compared to EternaBond WindowSeal

Not all window sealant tapes are made the same, while some brands are better than others in sealing window gaps, the truth is that current window tapes just simply won’t last long. Although these are inexpensive temporary solutions to window gaps, property owners should consider permanent or long-lasting solutions to seal window gaps, such as using EternaBond WindowSeal.

What truly makes EternaBond WindowSeal better is that unlike window tapes, it doesn’t just stick to surfaces, it literally fuses to virtually all construction materials, such as brick, wood, vinyl, concrete, OSB, class, and aluminum. And, it flexes under all weather conditions and will not fall off like window tapes, thus making it the ideal window sealant.