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Factors that Make Silicone Rubber Tapes a Versatile Material

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Tape is something as commonplace as to be considered somewhat insignificant, especially in the light of the ever-growing selection of instant and portable adhesives that are available in the current market.

However, not a lot of people are aware that some tape varieties are far better than others, and with the sheer number of tapes available in hobby shops, home depots, and specialty stores, there really is a tape for every imaginable need.

Packaging, masking, double-sided, and clear tape may be the commonplace choices available for the everyday hobbyist or DYI-enthusiast, but tape for specialised applications are also available. Silicone rubber tapes are just one of many specialty tapes for specific industrial applications which, while available in the general market, may not be as popular as the more conventional choices.

Used as an alternative to epoxy and contact cement, silicone rubber tapes are a revolutionary way to merge or join two different materials together without the need for specialised joinery or epoxy. It is revolutionary in that it is the first of its kind to enable a seamless, reliable, and long-lasting join.

Here are just some of the many factors that make silicone rubber tape the new all-purpose adhesive:

  • Versatile – silicone rubber tape can be cut to specific dimensions, and can be cut to whatever size to best fit the dimensions of the material being used. You can use as much or as little as needed with the surety that however much you do use won’t ever go to waste. It can be applied to PVC pipes, metal, wood, or any other material that requires joining.
  • Bonds cleanly – if you’ve ever bonded joints with epoxy or some other type of adhesive, you can almost always be certain that there will be unsightly residue. This isn’t the case with silicone rubber tape, which can be seamlessly melded into the joins without additional waste material sullying the piece. This makes it ideal for specialised joinery and for precision work.
  • Efficient – unlike epoxies which require calculated mixing, or other adhesives which have a short working leeway, silicone rubber tape can be used immediately without any need for specialised preparation. Because it is a contact adhesive, it can be applied as needed, without having to worry about an adhesive drying on its own.

All this, and so much more makes silicone rubber tape the adhesive of the future, today!

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