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General Foam Products You Can Purchase at Foam Sealant

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Manufacturers often benefit from adhesives since they can carry out multiple functions. First, they can act as sealing agents to components that must be protected from elements. They can also deter the effect of self-loosening, which may be often caused by dynamic loads. Aside from adhesives, manufacturers also use backer rods, seals, and others to carry out these things.

A wide variety of these things are available in the market today. However, some manufacturers prefer those made from foam as they can work in specific applications. Foam adhesives, backer rods, and others are comprised of modified epoxy materials, making them useful in the automotive, electronics, and construction industries.

At Foam Sealant, we believe that our customers like you deserve the best foam products you can purchase out there. Here are some general foam products you can purchase from us.

Foam Sealant Backing Rod

Foam Sealant Backing Rod is a non-cross-linked polyethylene foam that is generated on a continuous extrusion process. It is based on food-grade polyethylene and foamed with an aerosol propellant foam-blowing agent, making this product stable despite years of compression and expansion. Other qualities this product possesses include a low moisture absorption rate, high resistance to weathering, ageing, UV light, and most chemicals, and excellent dimensional stability. Some uses of this product include vertical and horizontal joint filler in concrete and between pre-cast concrete panels, interior walls, skylights, and the construction of trucks.


Bump-ons are comprised of durable EVA materials, allowing them to protect glass and polished surfaces from scratches. Their materials also make bump-ons excellent for cabinet door buffers for kitchen, office, and laundry areas. Generally, these products are die cut from EVA in 3mm thicknesses with 12mm diameter in sheets of 125. The way they are produced makes them useful in homes, offices, and factories. They can even be installed easily by pushing them through, peeling off their backing paper, and pressing them into place.

Eaves Filler Strips

Eaves filler strips are made from low-density, cross-linked polyethylene that may come in either black or white colour. They can provide excellent weather, chemical, and pest resistance. They can also maintain insulation, provide protection, and eliminate gaps. They are even semi-rigid, allowing them to be handled and fixed conveniently. These products can be used in roofing installations and renovations.

Norglaze Glazing Pads

The glazing pads from Norglaze are specifically produced to separate and protect sheets of flat glass, sealed units, and automotive glass whenever they are in transit. They can also be used whenever these products are stored for a long time. They likewise aid protection during the installation of these fragile products. These products are effective in the said applications as they feature high-density PVC foam integrated with a peelable acrylic adhesive. Once applied, these products do not leave any adhesive residue on the involved surfaces.

Foam Sealant Themoshield

Foam Sealant Thermoshield, ultimately, is made from closed-cell polyethylene foam with re-enforced aluminium foil facing. Once applied, this product can easily protect assemblies from the effects of water, brine, soap, detergents, diluted acids, alcohol, and fungi. It is also odourless, lightweight, and user-friendly. Some popular application of this product includes duct lining, under-slab insulation, refrigeration, and mechanical wrapping around ducts.

To purchase these products, you can visit our online store at Foam Sealant.