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Korel Series Micro-cellular Polyurethane Foams

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Polyurethane is a type of polymer that is frequently used in manufacturing high-resilience foam seating, rigid foam insulation panels, micro-cellular foam seals and gaskets, spray foam, elastomeric wheels and tires, automotive suspension bushings, electrical potting compounds, high-performance adhesives, surface coatings and sealants, and many more.

Micro-cellular foams that are made from polyurethane are often utilised for several reasons. For one, they offer superior thermal insulation that allows a lower thickness of the insulating layer and larger useful interior space. Another reason for their regular use is that they provide auto-adhesive structural bonding to the outer and inner materials of a product. Lastly, these foams are maximised by various applications since they permit a unique process of reaction injection moulding, which enables fast and cost-effective production. This type of foam can easily fill the complex shape of a product in a short time.

Korel as the First Choice for Different Products

One popular name for micro-cellular polyurethane foams is Korel. The Korel series from Saint-Gobain are known for their excellent resistance to compression set and high resiliency. These characteristics ensure that the seal will not break down over a long time of use. Korel’s line of cushioning foam is also ideal for controlling unwanted energy. It can readily protect components by damping shock, dissipating motion, isolating vibration, and absorbing impact energy.

Micro-cellular Polyurethane Foams from Korel

Korel also offers excellent micro-cellular polyurethane foams that are ideal for a wide range of gasketing and energy absorption needs. The micro-cellular polyurethane foams from Korel are classified based on the degree of deflection force, making them suitable for any demands of design engineers today.

The Korel micro-cellular polyurethane foams can be grouped into the following classification:

  • Korel K20:K20 foams are extremely soft and highly conformable. They have a very low force to deflect, which makes them great for the closure of irregular surfaces or flexible materials. This type of micro-cellular polyurethane foams is often used in LCD gaskets, lens and cover seals, casing/housing seals, and speaker and sound management gaskets.
  • Korel K30:Korel K30 foams, on the other hand, is soft, conformable, and has low deflection. These foams offer excellent compression set resistance and low out-gassing that exceeds fogging requirements. They are ideal for open/close applications that include LCD gasketing, lens and cover sealing, casing/housing sealing, and speaker and sound management gasketing.
  • Korel K40:The K40 series have a medium deflection rate with minimal compression set. They also offer low out-gassing and exceed fogging requirements. This series can cast on polyester film for stability and low deformation. Typical applications of the K40 series include electrical enclosures, vibration damping, cushioning, acoustic control, bumpers, instrument panels, spacers, and others.
  • Korel K60:Unlike other series, the K60 series are very firm and contain a high deflection rate. They provide very high tolerance for gauge control and high internal strength for resisting tear and deformation. K60 is also cast onto polyester film and is available with or without adhesive. This series is usable in vibration damping, acoustical control, cushioning, and electronic gasketing.

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