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Maximise the Capabilities of Silicone Rubber by Using COHRlastic Silicone Tapes

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
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Various businesses rely on sealing tapes to seal their surfaces and products against fluids and gases. They also use the said tapes in keeping dust, moisture, and air from entering and infiltrating parts and components of their equipment or offering. Sealing tapes can even serve as noise dampeners and cushion against outside elements.

Given the functions these tapes can provide, more and more manufacturers have come up with variations to accommodate the needs of businesses in various industries. Saint-Gobain, for instance, produces a wide range of sealing tapes and other materials to optimise and regulate industrial operations. This manufacturer offers its products to the construction, transportation, electronics, and many more industries.

One group of products Saint-Gobain offers right now is COHRlastic Silicone Tapes. These sponge silicone tapes maximise a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on one side to make sure they stick on surfaces without any issues. They can also be die-cut to convert them into high-temperature foam silicone gaskets and seals.

Basic Properties of COHRlastic Silicone Rubber

The production of COHRlastic Silicone Tapes is made possible thanks to the integration of silicone rubber.

One notable property of COHRlastic silicone rubber is enhanced thermal stability. Despite being exposed to extreme temperatures for a long time, silicone rubber products are expected to remain strong and intact. They can even withstand intermittent exposure to temperatures that may already damage other types of elastomers. Generally, silicone rubber products can withstand temperatures of -73 to 260 degrees Celsius.

COHRlastic silicone rubber products are also well-known for their excellent compression set resistance, electrical strength, non-stick properties, and resistance to fluids and chemicals. Now, even if these products get burned, they will only produce non-conductive white ash and odourless, non-toxic smoke, making them somehow eco-friendly.

Another great quality of COHRlastic silicon rubber products is they are non-toxic. They are also non-corrosive and non-staining. They can even deter fungus from growing. These properties allow COHRlastic silicon rubber products to last for several decades.

COHRlastic Silicone Rubber from Foam Sealant

Two of the most valuable COHRlastic silicone rubber products that you can obtain from us at Foam Sealant are Strip-N-Stick and the F-12 Silicone Foam.

Strip-N-Stick tapes boast all the benefits associated with COHRlastic silicone rubber products. They are packaged in an easy-to-apply, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that can conform to irregular surfaces, wrap over cylinders, and produce the right angles. Their structure makes it possible for you to save some money as you do not have to pay for the cost of bonding and expensive die-cut parts. This offering from Saint-Gobain is perfect for vibration damping, gasketing, and thermal insulation.

The F-12 Silicone Foam, alternatively, can provide great performance for the automotive, electronic, and construction industries. One great reason why it is optimised for these industries is it is flame-retardant. It can withstand a flame of around 1,145 degrees Celsius for more than 10 minutes, making it perfect for applications exposed to extremely high heat. The F-12 Silicone Foam is also non-corrosive and boasts a low-compression set. This offering is great for fire blocks, noise and vibration dampeners, insulation, and high-performance gaskets.

To gain access to these products, feel free to visit our online shop at Foam Sealant. You can also contact us to know more about our offerings.