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Norton-Xpand PU600: Qualities that Make It Ideal for Windows and Skylights Installation

  • Posted by: Kim M
  • Category: Article

Norton Xpand PU600 is a high-performance sealing tape that uses PUR (Polyurethane) as a material backbone. Designed for use in sealing construction joints, the tacky, pre-compressed rolls adhere to all standard building materials. Beyond that convenient usage factor, the polyurethane base is guaranteed to retain its shape and structure when high winds blow and heavy rains fall. Interestingly, that’s a set of conditions that suggest a specific application.

An Ideal Window Sealing Product 

Before talking about any other important feature, let’s mention the DIN18542 compliance. This is a standard that describes strengthened cellular plastic tapes, products that capably withstand high wind forces and driving rains. Once applied as a window joint seal, the adhered PUR material compresses to the point that it’s no longer permeable. Neither the driving rain nor the gale force wind can penetrate that plastic barrier. Furthermore, temperature extremes won’t negatively impact the formed joint as it clings to the window frame, not when Norton Xpand PU600 is known to feature superior thermal insulating properties.

Elevated Skylight Functionality 

On rewinding back to the ability to adhere to any construction material, Norton Xtreme PU600 does exhibit more than a few construction-centric benefits. It adheres to concrete for example, and to glass windows. That’s an essential requirement when skylights are installed in a tall building. Perhaps in the atrium of a shopping mall or the top level of a tall apartment complex, the sealing tape creates a reliable join between hard concrete and large window panes, all while retaining as much elasticity as it carried on the day the skylight was first installed. Furthermore, the tape will readily blend with the interior design, even when it’s installed as part of a shopping mall skylight array, because it can be painted to match the skylight frames or the surrounding ceiling.

Ambient Noise Cancellation 

On an ocean facing patio or an elevated skylight, the loud pattering noise of the rain combines with the howling wind to disturb every relaxing occupant. Fortunately, Norton Xpand PU600 is a superior noise dampening product. The polyurethane material absorbs vibrations, cancels sound, and generally blocks all exterior ambient energy, including the summer heat.

If windows and skylights require a reliable frame sealant, then Norton Xpand PU600 is the logical candidate for the job. The product, pre-rolled and precompressed, is both DIN 18542 compliant and DIN 18055 capable, which means any seal it creates between any pair of construction materials will stop any storm in its tracks.