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Gasketing and Sealing Foams

Designed for lifelong protection against environmental and mechanical influences, gasketing foam solutions provide excellent performance that helps manufacturers reach new performance levels with their products. Superior sealing and dampening functionality in harsh to more benign in- and outdoor conditions characterize our broad gasketing foams portfolio. Compressible, elastomeric foam tapes are available with or without adhesive in a wide range of thicknesses, widths and compressibility values that outperform traditional sealing methods. Gasketing foams eliminate the sticky problems associated with other types of sealants and their dimensional stability allows for time-saving and easy positioning.

Features and Benefits

Flexible sealing
Highly conformable barrier adapts easily to irregular surfaces and prevents air, vapor, moisture, water, dirt and sound infiltration

Special foam cell structures and densities
Excellent vibration absorption and cushioning foam and cell properties protect your products from mechanical influences

Dimensional stability
No running, dripping or oozing from the joint allows for easy and time-saving handling

Flexible product configuration options
OEM certified and UL listed solutions with and without adhesives, extrusions, precise die-cut parts and flame retardant options ensure long life of your end products in automotive, transportation, building and construction, industrial and aerospace applications