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Provide Proper Air and Vapour Barriers on Various Surfaces with EternaBond AlumiBond

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Different industries today maximise parts and products that are made from aluminium. One reason behind the use of aluminium is it is lightweight. When transporting parts and products out of this material, the amount of energy consumed throughout their transit is expected to be lower than those made from other materials. Durability is another quality that makes aluminium parts and products highly preferred by industries.

But even with their durability, their surfaces may still be vulnerable to cracks and fissures. The occurrence of cracks, fissures, and other similar issues may be caused by too much load. Their continuous exposure to weather elements may also lead to the formation of these things.

One way to resolve these problems is to seal the surfaces with the right sealing materials. One product that can be effective in sealing surfaces is EternaBond AlumiBond.

The Reputation of EternaBond

H.B. Fuller Company is an adhesive manufacturing company that has been supplying industries with various types of adhesives all over the world. One of the reasons why industries keep on partnering with this company is it carries out sustainable practices that protect the environment from getting damaged. Another reason is that they tend to innovate and improve their offerings, making sure that industries can fully take advantage of their products without any issues.

One line of products that the company offer is EternaBond Tapes. The company’s high-performance tapes have been tailor-made for specific markets, pushing industries away from traditional liquid adhesives, fasteners, screws, and welding. Other qualities of EternaBond tapes that make them useful for many manufacturers and industries are remarkable versatility, reputable strength, and impressive longevity.

AlumiBond for Any Surface

One product under the EternaBond Tapes line is AlumiBond.

The EternaBond AlumiBond is an adhesive tape offering from H.B. Fuller Company that can be applied to not just aluminium but also galvanised steel, carbon steel, gypsum board, rubber, tar, wood, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, brick, concrete, rubber, and fibreglass. The compatibility of this tape with various materials makes it useful for all roofs, floors, walls, and other construction materials. It can even be used for gravity tanks and troughs.

One quality of EternaBond AlumiBond that makes it useful for a lot of surfaces is it is ultraviolet-stable. It is also moisture tight. These qualities allow this adhesive from EternaBond to generate an air and vapour barrier, which is not possible with other types of adhesives. The addition of advanced MicroSealant then helps AlumiBond boast a hard surface, making it resistant to cracks, extreme temperatures, and other damaging elements.

The Application of AlumiBond

Before applying AlumiBond on affected surfaces, they should be cleaned and dried first. Any moisture, dust, dirt particles, and other foreign matter must be eradicated properly to prevent them from causing issues to the sealing. One can maximise EternaClean or a non-residue cleaner like lacquer thinner or acetone in removing the said elements.

Once clean, the AlumiBond can now be applied and installed over the affected area. The release liner must be subsequently removed to prevent contamination of the adhesive. The adhesive must then be rubbed or rolled with pressure by one’s hand or steel roller to finally activate the bonding between the product and the surface.

To gain access to EternaBond AlumiBond, you may contact us at Foam Sealant.