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Qualities that Make Eternacaulk the Best for Roof Sealing Applications

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Of all the structural issues that confound and frustrate homeowners, roof leaks have to be among the worst. Eternacaulk is quite possibly the best solution here because of the compound’s versatile properties. The tube-contained elastomeric compound isn’t affected by wet surfaces, so it’s classed as a dry or wet coverage sealant. The product also forms an enduring seal between many contemporary roofing materials, including asphalt and modified bitumen.

All-Surface Adhesion 

More precisely, Eternacaulk is designed to provide a strong bond between most building materials. On rooftops, the multipurpose thermoplastic seals shingles, metals, and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer layers) rubber. It also compound-cements bitumen, asphalt, and vinyl. Under the eaves, the product’s multi-purpose feature gets a real test. Now the caulking is stoppering the fine gaps between wooden joists. It’s in guttering cracks, windows and skylights, and a dozen other structural roofing junctures. Of course, even though this is a high-performance sealant, the surfaces it’s applied to still require prepping.

Prepping Eternacaulk Application Sites 

There are more products in the range, which are designed to clean and otherwise prepare a range of different surfaces. For example, porous surfaces should be primed, whereas oil-impregnated materials require a cleaning solution, one that doesn’t leave any residue behind. Wet or dry, the thermoplastic material fills the tiniest gap, at which point it plays two roles, first as a sealer, then as a waterproofing filler. Interestingly, since the product compatibility list mentions metals, this best-in-class roof sealing caulk isn’t limited to any old structural applications.

Waterproofs Recreational Vehicle 

Filling a gap that has been letting the rain in for ages, a 10 Ounce tube of Eternacaulk has gone to work in the hands of the vehicle owner. The cement-like paste has filed that gap well, it’s stopping the leak, and the RV heater is no longer working at full tilt, probably because the heat is staying inside the cabin, not escaping through a pinhole. Again, applied between a metal edge and a plastic seam, the compound provides excellent adhesion strength. Expect that same level of mobile-specific sealing power to act on other vehicles, including yachts and smaller motorhomes.

The local environment inside a home or some other occupied structure is warmer and drier now that the seal has formed. Aiding in the production of that fresher, drier air, Eternacaulk features a near-zero VOC emittance (Volatile Organic Compounds) formula. Essentially, thanks to that multi-purpose, all-surface capability, this caulking material can waterproof any type of roofing, even if that roof is on the move, up there on top of a leaky recreational vehicle.